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Share Why English Is So Hard To Learn
MichaelM 2015-10-12 07:42
"If the foundation of language acquisition is not built upon first developing the skill of speaking the targeted tongue (language), any structure that is attempted to be erected will crumble and fall every time. For this simple reason, many spend years of frustration hoping to master what they intend to learn. They will consider the language 'too hard' and finally surrender to failure." ~ Lin Yutang I've made it my primary focus over the past 4 years to study, implement and test English le ...
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Share Look Out America, The Chinese Are Coming
MichaelM 2015-9-29 07:26
A very popular story that recently hit the front page of Yahoo! told about an American mother who was outraged that her daughter was given an assessment exam the very first day of kindergarten. A rather well read and quite popular online publication asked my opinion about the story and wanted me to write a response, comparing it to my experience here in China. Here's what I said. I understand the frustration of the mother whose child was given an 'exam' on the first day of kindergar ...
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Share A Tale Of Language Learning
MichaelM 2015-9-13 08:36
I want to share a story that recently a friend in the USA shared with me about her son's language learning experience. I don't know how common the events and experience expressed in this story, are repeated. However, the outcome of his educational experience is not at all surprising. Where it has led him to, has been amazing. Here's the story. Lisa is a friend of mine from Dallas, Texas. She and I met and connected about 10 years ago. Her son, Tommy, was a very excellent student and atten ...
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Share 95% Of Chinese Are Great - 5% Are Crazy
MichaelM 2015-9-9 18:36
Im a foreign English teacher in Henan. I know all of the jokes about the people of Henan. Ive heard dozens of times about, "There are Chinese people and there are Henan people." Even heard Jack Ma say it. Honestly, I dont know. Ive only lived in Henan since I came to China 4 years ago. In fact, Ive never lived more than 2 kilometers from my original apartment where I first lived here. My first encounter involving any kind of conflict was a guy who pulled in front of my e-bike. ...
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Share Chinese School - The Bohunt Experiment - Conclusion
MichaelM 2015-8-21 04:53
As I expected, the students in the Chinese school of the Bohunt experiment, came out on top. Of course, the video wouldn't be available in China if it didn't prove to show the Chinese school superior to their British counterparts. In the final episodes, the 'acting', as I talked about in my first blog, was even far more obvious than in the first episode. It showed to be most apparent in the girl who cried and had to be comforted over the break up of the British pop singing group. The 'acting' ...
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Share Chinese School - The Bohunt Experiment (Part 1)
MichaelM 2015-8-7 10:14
Recently, you may have viewed part one of a BBC documentary series about an experiment that was conducted at the Bohunt School. Bohunt is located in the large village of Liphook in East Hampshire district of Hampshire, in the south of England. Five native Chinese teachers accepted the task of teaching these British students using a Chinese format of structured schedules and teaching styles in their classrooms. Four female teachers and one male teacher taught the 50 British ninth g ...
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Share TOEFL Scores Not Accepted For New Students in the U.K.
MichaelM 2015-6-30 05:15
Educational Testing Services, based in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, USA, administers many standardized educational/evaluation exams throughout the world. On behalf of the College Board, a non-profit organization comprised of colleges and universities as members, ETS administers the widely known and popular SAT. ETS also administers the TOEFL and TOEIC exams which are English proficiency exams used by governments, employers and educational institutions. After an extensive investigation by th ...
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Share Educating Your Child - Introduction
MichaelM 2015-6-22 13:14
Educating Your Child - Introduction If you are beginning the journey for your child's education or if your child has already begun, there are some very important things that you should know in order to make the journey successful and finally arrive at the destination that you desire. First, understand the fact that the the most important person in your child's education is you. Not the teacher. Not the training center. Not even the school that you enroll them in. The most important ...
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Share Educating Your Child - Part 1
MichaelM 2015-6-20 08:26
When Should Guided Learning Begin For A Child? I've been blessed with a lot of energy in my body and mind. I'm 56 years old. I had my own school in the USA for 15 years. I took the school when it was losing money and about to cease operations. Through some proper business decisions and with the help of a few school board members, I was able to affect a turnaround and get it back on track and profitable. I've been a student of education for many years. Since coming to China, I've often tau ...
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Share Proud Of Students
MichaelM 2015-6-18 16:57
We just finished the last exam today at the No. 19 School where I teach oral English, AP U.S. History and AP U.S. Geography. I've graded all the exams and have some mixed emotions about how some of my students did. Here's some of their results. Sanny, my 15 year old, grade 2 high school genius, made 100% on everything. Not a surprise. Always proud of him. He would be very disappointed with himself if he didn't get 100%. Linda, my 17 year old, grade 2 high school student is nearly always a ...
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