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Share New SAT Is Easier
MichaelM 2016-10-27 13:14
Starting the early part of this year (2016), the CollegeBoard redesigned the SAT for students who want to attend college in America. In fact, they have made the test easier. Just today, I spoke with the owner of the top SAT preparation company in America. Here are several ways that the test has become easier. 1. The CollegeBoard reduced the number of questions from 170 to 154. The time to take the exam is the same. This leaves more time for each question. 2. They reduced the number of mul ...
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Share 5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Study Abroad
MichaelM 2016-10-24 05:26
Next year, close to 400,000 graduating high school students from China will be going to America for college. They go to America for two reasons. The first reason is that America has the highest ranked colleges and universities in the world. There are two reputable lists that people around the world trust for the ranking of colleges/universities. One list is the U.S. News and World Reports and the other is known as the Shanghai List and comes from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. ...
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Share Making Lemonade From Lemons
MichaelM 2016-9-16 23:16
A policy of the Chinese government that many foreigners know little or nothing about is, after a foreigner has worked in China for 5 years, he/she must leave for 6 months before they can come back to work in China. This policy is the reason why so many foreigners are in China on tourist visas and working illegally. In fact, most of the foreigners that I've known in China are on a tourist visa. They need to leave China once every 3-6 months and then come directly back in so that they can show ...
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Share Fake Foreign Teachers
MichaelM 2016-8-28 06:07
Right now, I'm in the midst of helping my daughter get her college diploma 'authenticated' so that she can teach in China. This is apparently a new requirement in light of the fact that I've never had to do it before. It is, I suppose, a response to make sure that foreign teachers actually have a diploma. The process begins with getting a notary public (a person officially deemed trustworthy and who is licensed by the state and bonded by an insurance company) to place their stamp and ...
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Share 'Anyone Can Teach English'
MichaelM 2016-8-22 19:15
I'm involved in a project here in the USA in teaching English teachers how to teach the language to non-native (ESL/EFL) English speaking students. One assumption that I was asked to address and is often made (especially in China where native English speaking teachers are only required to have bachelors degree in order to teach) is that, 'anyone who can speak English can teach English.' In my opinion, this is very wrong. Let me tell you why. First, most schools teach the alphabet to new Engli ...
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Share Foreign Teachers Leaving China
MichaelM 2016-8-17 15:14
Foreign Teachers Leaving China
I recently saw a statistic from a foreign teachers' union website that showed that 43% of foreign teachers who taught in China last school term, won't be back this fall. It leaves a gaping hole of over 12,000 openings for schools in China. The fact is, the need and demand for foreign teachers is greater today than it has ever been. It will continue to increase with the growing desire for Chinese students to study abroad. Even with the reduction of potential scoring on the Gaokao of 100 points ...
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Share Confucius Versus Modern Chinese Thinking, Part 3
MichaelM 2016-5-25 08:23
Another important golden nugget of wisdom that Confucius taught the world is revealed in what is likely his greatest and most memorable quote. "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand" - Confucius After coming to China and teaching more than 1,000 classes my first year, my eyes were opened to the need of good English education for students here. At first, I only planned to come here for a year and then go back to the comfort of my home in America. I stayed because ...
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Share Teacher Can't Speak The Language
MichaelM 2016-5-3 05:15
I will share an interesting news story from America. This is how foreign language classes are taught in America. High school French teacher reportedly doesn't speak French Published May 02, 2016 It is unimaginable that a language teacher cannot actually speak the language that he/she proposes to be able to teach. Fluency in speaking that language, especially for a high school teacher, is nearly always a minimum requirement. If a teacher cannot travel to the country ...
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Share English Lesson 4-10-16
MichaelM 2016-4-11 06:23
English Lesson 4-10-16
If you want to receive a FREE English lesson every day with useful English tips and Mp3 audio, you can scan the WeChat (weixin) QR Code below and join Michael's English Club. Good morning. A group of students that I was talking to recently, asked me about the relationship between certain verbs and the word ‘you.’ For example, ‘I want you to study hard.’ They asked me about something that they’d learned from another English program. They asked me how we connect the two sounds from these ...
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Share Learning About Western Culture
MichaelM 2016-4-2 06:08
Learning About Western Culture
How To Use A Person's Name Part 1 Learning a second language isn't so easy. Learning a language involves many different things. It involves listening, speaking, writing and reading. It is also very important to learn about culture. Recently, one of our members had a question about why we use first names (also called given names) when meeting someone for the first time. In Chinese culture, you use the person's family name (also called surname) as their 'first nam ...
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