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Share Bad Teaching Method Hurts Learning
MichaelM 2013-6-15 06:02
One day a man and his son were trying to get a stubborn calf (baby cow) into a barn. For whatever reason, the calf didn't want to go. He resisted every attempt they made. They beat him on his backside. They got behind him and tried to push him. Nothing was working. From the farmhouse, a maid there saw them and walked outside. She put her finger into the calf's mouth and the calf walked quietly into the barn. Education is a priority for Chinese parents and their children. It is one of ...
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Share A True Chinese Hero In Sichuan
MichaelM 2013-6-2 07:48
A True Chinese Hero In Sichuan
This past week, I visited the Guang Ya School in Du Jiang Yan, near Chengdu. It is a school that was started by a remarkable man and true Chinese visionary, Mr. Guang Ya Qing. He started this private school in 1992. It was the first private school to be established in China since 1949 when the PRC was founded. I gave two presentations there, all in English with no translating assistance needed. The students I spoke to are soon to be graduating seniors. They easily understood everything I ...
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Share How To Save A Lot of Money on Education
MichaelM 2013-5-3 10:10
Colleges and universities have a reputation of high standards in the USA. When I attended the university, a few decades ago, college and university was considered to be much more demanding for students than high school. Today, high schools are much better at preparing students for college and I hear from many students, college isn't quite so difficult. A western college degree is obviously quite valuable here in China and the East. Over 200,000 students from China alone, are studying in the U ...
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Share The Problem(s) With Foreign Teachers
MichaelM 2013-4-29 09:03
I don't mind talking about the problems that both Chinese schools and educators have with foreign teachers, and, the problems that foreign teachers face in China. I am a foreign teacher here and I at least want to believe that I can be balanced and certainly honest in objectively assessing these issues and problems. If you've read my blogs regularly as I know some do, you already know that I try hard to be fair in my assessment of things not as an American, but, as a human being. We all have ...
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Share Are Teachers Ever Wrong?
MichaelM 2013-4-25 03:42
There is an old belief that teachers can never be wrong. In fact, no student is to ever question a teacher or even speak out in class. This idea comes from another belief that insists that for learning to take place in the classroom, a teacher cannot be questioned and is presumed to never be wrong. It is also assumed that this approach makes for the best and most effective educational teaching model in schools. This idea existed in the U.S. for many years. In fact, during my primary school an ...
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Share Positive Directive Education Succeeds
MichaelM 2013-4-19 09:33
As an educator, I am constantly looking for better and more effective ways in teaching. With thousands of classroom hours, I've found that one style that should definitely be employed and integrated in every learning situation is, 'positive directive' instruction. Simply put, 'positive directive teaching' is far more effective than 'negative corrective teaching.' Let me give an example. A commercial airliner usually has at least 3 pilots (and often 4 which includes a navigator). A captain, a ...
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Share Who's Responsible For Good Education?
MichaelM 2013-4-15 07:31
I talked to many teachers every week. They ask questions like 'how to teach', 'what do you do that makes students love and respect you?', 'how can I improve my teaching and effectiveness?' An ancient Chinese quote (some attribute this quote to the Japanese) says, "There are no bad students; only bad teachers." Another famous saying is, "The teacher can open the door, but, the student must walk through it." So who is really responsible for students' learning in school? Is it the student who's ...
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Share Are Chinese Children Dumb or Smart?
MichaelM 2013-4-12 08:48
Are Chinese Children Dumb or Smart?
A few nights ago, I spent the evening with 3 foreign teachers and 4 Chinese teachers. One of the Chinese teachers had read my blog that was printed in the newspaper edition of China Daily about 'Is Western Education Better Than Eastern Education?' However, she had no idea that I was the author of it. I didn't reveal myself as the author until much later in our discussion. Then, I got out my iPad mini and showed her. They gave me many of their views on problems and advantages of ed ...
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Share Is Western Education Better Than Eastern Education?
MichaelM 2013-3-10 08:26
A wonderful article here on ChinaDaily said that spending for education increases annually by about 20%. As a foreign teacher here, I'm wondering how it is spent and what are the results. You can spend more money without being effective. One of my biggest questions is this: Why do children in the USA go to school 2-3 hours less each day, have very little homework, no weekend classes and still excel in education in comparison to most Chinese students? Now, in my humble opinion, Chinese students ...
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