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Share My Chinese Student Is Too Smart
MichaelM 2015-4-16 08:06
My Chinese Student Is Too Smart
When I came to the No. 19 Middle School as an English teacher in the International Department of their high school, I met a young student who I gave the English name, Sonny. His name inadvertently got written as 'Sanny', but everyone still pronounces it as 'Sonny.' My first classroom encounter with Sanny was realizing that this young boy (he is 15 years old though a Grade 2 high school student) was extremely intelligent. Not only that, he is quite the extrovert. Not what you might assum ...
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Share A Better Way To Learn English
MichaelM 2015-2-13 05:25
I just finished 7 days of teaching/learning English and ukulele. Music isn't something new to my English training. Most often, I start my classes with some English songs as I play guitar and lead my students. I do this for several reasons in order to make my classes much more effective than English training students can get elsewhere. First, I start my lessons with music because, simply, kids love music. (It would be just as easy to say that people love music.) Some educational traditionalist ...
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Share The Necessity Of Oral English
MichaelM 2015-2-5 04:07
The ultimate goal of learning any language is quite simply, communication. If a student learns every aspect of a language and is still unable to communicate, they simply haven't finished their language education. Communication is the hub of the wheel. The four most common aspects of learning a language are, listening, speaking, writing and reading. One's native language is learned in this sequence. When a child is born, the first introduction to their native language is listening to it. Paren ...
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Share The Biggest Challenge In Teaching English
MichaelM 2015-1-8 07:45
A little more than 20 years ago, as part of the great 'opening up' of China, Chinese educators realized the need to teach English and to employ native speaking English teachers to come here and teach. Along with foreign teachers coming here, companies such as New Oriental, have also flourished because of the need and desire to learn English. Presently, there are tens of thousands of native, English speaking teachers living in China. The demand for foreign teachers far outweighs the supply ...
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Share Some Things You Can't Help
MichaelM 2015-1-8 03:15
One of the parents of a student, asked to join our class a few weeks ago. The parent, in fact, speaks some English. He was concerned because his son wasn't getting high enough scores in English so he wanted to see our class. I said, "Sure. No problem." I have a rule for smaller students especially, that parents don't attend more than a few classes in the beginning when their child is just starting with us. We want them to know how and what their child will be taught. However, if the parent ...
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Share My Chinese Language Quest
MichaelM 2015-1-7 07:02
I've been in China for 3.5 years. I started out teaching 32 English classes every week during my first term here. Then I taught 28 classes a week during my second term here. That narrowed down to 24 during my third and fourth terms. During my fourth term, I was also traveling some giving presentations and lectures at several universities. My fifth and sixth terms, I taught about 24 classes a week. Now, since I have no plans of leaving China, it is time to learn the language. I'm taking time f ...
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Share Dealing With Complaining, Bullying Chinese Parents
MichaelM 2015-1-3 03:27
From my experience of over 2,000 students since I came here to China 3.5 years ago, I've found that a very small number of their parents have a habit of complaining. Usually, (as in the case below), they don't complain about my teaching or results. Those two things are indisputable with the success we have. In fact, they don't even know us. The problem is (as the late, great Jim Rohn taught me many years ago), they are 'complainers.' They would complain if you taught their childre ...
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Share Advise For Chinese English Teachers
MichaelM 2014-12-24 08:13
Last night, a Chinese English teacher called me and asked me about the pronunciation of several English words. I helped her and she thanked me. I told her, "Call me anytime that you think I can help you." She said, "Really?" I said, "Of course. If I'm in class, I'll call you back later. I came to China to help ALL students of English. Even teachers." She said, "What is the best way that I can improve my English in order to insure that I give my students my best?" I said, "Do you have foreign tea ...
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Share Punishment Versus Encouragement In School
MichaelM 2014-12-23 06:54
I asked my students a question in our TOEFL Speaking class yesterday that I was truly curious to know about what they thought. I see more extremes in teachers punishing students in order to teach them discipline than I see in teachers using encouragement. I prefer to use encouragement because it gets the results that I want most of the time. However, there are some students who are so unruly that only threats of punishment will work to get them to act decently. Our school is in the south/sout ...
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Share The Hub Of The English Wheel
MichaelM 2014-12-15 20:28
People in the West and in the East (here in China) are learning to focus more on the most important aspect of language learning. Language learning has one ultimate goal in mind. That is, to communicate. Most communication is accomplished by either writing or speaking. There are many spokes to the wheel. The ones we know best are, listening, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, punctuation (in writing), etc. The 'hub' or center of the wheel is where communication happens ...
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