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Share The Luckiest Foreigner in China
2015-6-1 21:06
I'm either the luckiest foreigner in China or, I've done something right along the path of my life to be as blessed as I am. Let me tell you why. Last Saturday night, I was exhausted from having taught 9 classes that day. I call Saturday, 'Marathon' day because we work so hard with so many classes. But, make no mistake about this, I love doing it. I think I have the most amazing job in the world. Especially when those divine winks seem to come my way. One of those came on Saturday night. ...
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Share A Mother's Sacrifice
2015-5-30 07:54
When a woman decides to have a child, it is a huge life decision for her. She will sacrifice a lot. First, during pregnancy, she will sacrifice the potential of having morning sickness, weight gain, discomfort, pain and hormonal adjustments. Then, there is the birth itself where she will possibly sacrifice her own life not to mention the physical agony of the birth itself. As any parent who has ever had and raised children will tell you, THAT is only the beginning of the sacrifices that a mot ...
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Share How To Remember English Words
2015-5-29 05:34
All of the English language training programs (TOEFL, TEFL, TESOL, IELTS) train teachers various methods of teaching English. The most common method for remembering English words (or words of any language for that matter) is two-fold. Simply put, they are, 'relate and use.' Let me explain this process. I believe that it will help you to learn words faster and easier. It will also support your long-term memory of the words. First, relate the words (as much as you can) to something that sounds ...
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Share World's Best Colleges/Universities
2015-5-26 10:36
My grade 2 high school AP students asked me about an article that they saw here on CD. I require them to find and read at least 3 articles a week about education on CD. The article they questioned me about talked about how Chinese colleges were rapidly improving in world rankings. That led us into a discussion about the world's best colleges/universities. The one point they wanted to make is that, in one of the listings (the Shanghai Rankings, also known as The Academic Ranking of World Universi ...
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Share Chinese Students Amaze Me
2015-5-10 06:32
Saturday is 'Marathon Day' for me and my teaching assistants. We have the equivalent of 9 classes. We take no breaks except for the 10 minutes after one class ends and the next one begins (in addition to lunch). It is a long time considering most teachers who teach in the public school where I teach part-time, teach about 15 classes a week on average. At 56 years old, most people tell me that I teach too much. The truth is, I'm not that tired after teaching 16 classes on the weekends and 12 m ...
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Share What A Teacher Should Do When A Student Fails
2015-5-9 07:16
Recently, I was in a class of primary students teaching them English. Jason, one of the students that I've taught and observed for the past couple of years, got frustrated when he couldn't get the correct answers on a certain worksheet the class was doing. After 3 attempts, he put his head down on the desk and started crying. He wasn't angry with anyone, only frustrated with himself. I was on top of the situation even though my Chinese teaching assistant missed what was happening due to helpi ...
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Share How Good Teachers Teach
2015-5-9 06:54
Ken Bain, the author of 'What The Best College Teachers Do', brings a incredible wisdom to teachers who are focused on being the best that they can be. Some of the things that he has observed in college teachers (which equally applies to all teachers) are practices I've also discovered and used for some time here as a foreign teacher in China. Let me share those with you. 1. Good teachers understand their students. They are constantly attentive and in tune with their students' personal needs. ...
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Share Foreign Teachers In China
2015-4-30 16:39
I've been in China now, almost, 4 years. I came here in 2011. I planned to stay one year and go back to the USA. The biggest attraction to me and most important reason for staying here is that I felt very welcomed by so many wonderful people and saw that I could make a difference in the lives of thousands of young students. In considering renewing my contract with the international department of a local public school, I discovered how the compensation and approach to get new teachers had chan ...
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Share My Chinese Student Is Too Smart
2015-4-16 08:06
My Chinese Student Is Too Smart
When I came to the No. 19 Middle School as an English teacher in the International Department of their high school, I met a young student who I gave the English name, Sonny. His name inadvertently got written as 'Sanny', but everyone still pronounces it as 'Sonny.' My first classroom encounter with Sanny was realizing that this young boy (he is 15 years old though a Grade 2 high school student) was extremely intelligent. Not only that, he is quite the extrovert. Not what you might assum ...
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Share A Better Way To Learn English
2015-2-13 05:25
I just finished 7 days of teaching/learning English and ukulele. Music isn't something new to my English training. Most often, I start my classes with some English songs as I play guitar and lead my students. I do this for several reasons in order to make my classes much more effective than English training students can get elsewhere. First, I start my lessons with music because, simply, kids love music. (It would be just as easy to say that people love music.) Some educational traditionalist ...
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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.

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