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How China Can Dominate The World

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China has brought over 650 million people out of poverty over the past 40 years. A remarkable feat. Especially in light of where they'd been prior to the 1976 'opening up.' From millions starving to hundreds of millions thriving in just 4 decades. It's never been done in history. The leadership of the Communist Party, starting with Deng Xiaoping through China's most amazing present leader, President Xi Jinping and all others in between, created the greatest economic miracle in the history of the world.

Many will question why China, with the largest population in the world and four times as many people as America, doesn't quite dominate the world economy. The key to understanding these facts is found in one word. The word is 'yet'. They haven't yet. They will dominate without any doubt. It will take some reform in education before that happens.

But, what is THE magic key to China achieving this? What must be done foundationally in China to make this push beyond world dominance comprehensively and truly achieving the equivalent standard as life in America?

First of all, China doesn't have to achieve 4 times the GDP as the USA. It doesn't even have to achieve a per capita GDP higher than the USA. Without getting deep into statistical analysis, just live there for a short while and you'll easily see that earning a living in China doesn't require 4 times the per capita spending to compare to the USA. The cost of living in China is likely about a third (or less) of what it is in the USA. 

There are a few things that I've seen that are the same or more expensive in China than the USA.

1. Cars are about the same price if you buy a foreign brand. Chinese brands are much less in price and only slightly less in quality.
2. Homes are slightly less in China. This is obviously a big deal for anyone living in any country. Home prices in the central province of Henan, where I live, are about $94-100 a square foot (after the square meter to square feet conversions). I was looking recently at some new luxury homes here in Texas and they cost between $130-150 a square foot. A much fairer comparison would be to compare prices of an apartment downtown Los Angeles to an apartment in the CBD area of Zhengzhou. The comparison being that both cities have about the same number in population. In downtown Los Angeles, you'll be paying about $654 per square foot on average. In Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou you'll likely be paying L.A. or NYC prices.
3. Food is far cheaper in China. I would be hard pressed to spend more $20 a week at the grocery store in China. In fact, I wouldn't be able to carry them back to my apartment. The other benefit here is that you'll get fresh veggies and fruits. Nothing is canned.
4. Primary and secondary education is more expensive in China. In America, it is free. In China, a high school student can easily pay $5,000 a year for the privilege of going to school.
5. Other costs of living are inexpensive such as electricity and gas. I pay less than $100 a month for these utilities.

With all of the economic reform that has happened in China, I believe that the place that will cause China to soar above the U.S. and every other nation is, education. Presently, students are in a classroom 9-10 hours a day working hard to achieve their academic requirements and goals. I specifically believe that the one part of education that will take China over the top as the world's most powerful economic force is English.

Right now, English education is given a level that is equal to Chinese. The three most important areas of education in China is math, Chinese and English. English education right now only serves one purpose. That purpose is to prepare the student for the gaokao (China's college entrance exam).  After that, English is forgotten and considered of no use. What better English education will do for China is put it in a position for easier, better and more trade with most of the top countries with the highest GDPs in the world. Four of these, U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia, are English speaking countries. 

In addition, in India, 13.10% of the people are fluent in English. It is estimated that of this 13.10%, 98% of them are in education or international business enterprises. Also, countries with high English speaking populations which already do business with China (some are strategic partners) are Pakistan, where 49% of the 188 million people speak English; the Philippines where 92% of the 100 million people speak English; Nigeria where 53.34% of their 156.5 million people speak English; Germany where 70% of their 80 million people speak English; France where 36% of their 65 million people do; Italy where 40% of their 60 million people do; and Iraq, Turkey, Bangladesh, South Africa, Brazil, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Kenya, Malaysia and Russia where another 100 million (collectively) speak English.

English is the language of business around the world. When China enacts reform to transform their English education, they will dominate the world. As it stands now, no apparent strides are being made to do that. I know Chinese students. Many argue that the focus should be on learning better Chinese. I know that Chinese students are intelligent enough and will work hard enough to master both. Most people in Europe speak at least 3 languages with no trouble. Chinese students are at least as smart as Europeans are. I know that with the right methods of teaching students to master English as a language rather than simply learning it to pass an exam and never be used again, China will easily control the world through economic strength.


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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.


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