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Share Challenge Your Child
MichaelM 2019-12-12 08:31
您的孩子比您想象的要聪明。总是在称赞他们的努力与挑战他们以获得更好的成就之间取得平衡。如果您只是骂他们,他们会害怕尝试。他们会害怕说英语。而不是总是责骂他们,而是挑战他们。 西方人从中国古代哲学家的著作中学会了平衡。我们了解了阴和阳。 许多年前,我在数百人面前向电视讲话。我父亲认识一位专业的公众演说家。我真的很佩服这个人。这个人来听我的演讲之一。他对父亲说:“迈克尔很好。有一天他会很棒。”他有点称赞我,并挑战我要变得更好。我很好,但不是很好。这是孩子们需要的平衡。 (百度翻译) Your ...
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Share A Parent's Responsibility
MichaelM 2019-11-21 08:49
I'm a teacher in China. I've been teaching here for 8 years and have had over 5,000 classes. I've had students who have far exceeded my expectations. One went to Harvard Medical School. One went to Princeton University. Two were given offers from Yale University. One went to Johns Hopkins Medical School. This year, Gary Mao, my student, was given an offer from the University of Chicago. Gary scored 1580 on the SAT exam. The lowest score on the SAT (美国高考) of my students was 1480 (out ...
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Share (How To) Be A Good Foreigner In China
MichaelM 2019-7-19 02:19
1. Obey the law and obey the authorities. You know that drugs aren't permitted in most societies. Certainly not China. Children do not grow up in China with the burden of temptation for drugs no matter how hard or seemingly harmless they may be. This is a positive thing no matter how you look at it. Recently, there were several foreigners who were involved either through recreational use or trafficking drugs in Xuzhou. It is strange to me that other foreigners are discussing 'will they ...
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Share 3 Questions Parents Shouldn't Ask English Teachers
MichaelM 2019-7-1 10:03
If you are looking for an English teacher or training center for your child, this blog will help to save face when asking questions to truly professional teachers. Serious and conscientious parents are responsible for the child's education. Promptness to appointments and classes are essential if their student is going to be successful. We tell parents, 'if you are going to be late to an appointment, don't come.' I've heard every excuse under the sun. The most common excuse is, 'there w ...
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Share Why Learn English?
MichaelM 2019-6-25 08:16
“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” - Bruce Lee English is like every other endeavor in life. If the English student does't actually take action in learning the language, then, it is useless for he/she to learn it at all. I've often wondered why English is required in China. There are few who actually master the language and become fluent. There are many who hate learning it and others who find it infinitely frustrating. ...
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Share Why I Only Teach Elite Students
MichaelM 2019-6-24 17:33
I have no interest in teaching every child that I meet. I do have a deep desire to help everyone that I encounter. I'll explain. I interview parents of students before I allow the children join my class. I used to accept about 40% of them. Now, it is down to less than 30%. Why do I do this? Why do I turn away 7 out of ten students who come and whose parents want them to study with me? First, I don't need more students. I'm very happy with having no more than 150 students. I had a big scho ...
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Share Creative Teaching Methods That Work
MichaelM 2019-6-24 14:22
Teaching involves far more than simply feeding facts and figures to students and telling them to 'go learn this.' Teaching effectively is the ability to know how the brain works and knowing how true learning takes place in the brain. My parents' generation were taught to, 'shut up, sit down and listen.' Today, my English teaching style is almost the opposite. I want my students to 'stand up, follow me and start talking.' As with mastering any language, the foundation in language learning mu ...
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Share 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make In Their Child's English Education
MichaelM 2019-6-19 12:41
I've been teaching English in China for about 8 years. I've taught more than 5,000 classes. I've taught thousands of students and hundreds of teachers. During that time, I've seen some amazing students (and teachers). In fact, the reason I've stayed in China is because of the achievements I've seen with our students. I've seen my students score as high as 1580 (out of 1600) on the SAT. I've seen them score as high as 118 (out of 120) on the TOEFL exam. Our average score for our students who t ...
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Share Why I Live In China
MichaelM 2019-6-11 14:48
If you read my blog often, you know that I came to China in 2011. My intention was to stay a year, experience the culture and return to my comfortable life in America. However, once I got here and realized the desperate need for quality English education, I felt that I could do something to change the fate of many Chinese children. Now, I've been here off and on for about 7 years total. It has been quite difficult to live here as a foreigner because, well, not everyone is so nice to for ...
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Share The Biggest Secret to Learning English
MichaelM 2018-9-19 10:41
A student just showed me a study entitled, 'The Number One Benefit For Chinese Students in Learning English.' Not surprisingly, it was language immersion. Of course, most cannot travel abroad and their Chinese English teacher is often teaching English in Chinese; not English. So, what is a parent to do? The study said that parents need to find a way to get their child (as young as possible) into an immersive English classroom environment. The stud ...
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