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Share Study in America?
MichaelM 2020-5-29 09:56
There's no better time for any student who wants to study in America to begin making plans and begin preparation to do so. Why? U.S. colleges are hurting right now. They have an array of problems that are quite daunting. 1. International and 'out-of-state' students pay more First, their current students are suing them to get back tuition that was paid for 'in class' lectures. Most colleges and universities are providing online classes. However, the quality of these classes are ...
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Share What China Did To Win the War Over COVID-19
MichaelM 2020-4-9 03:07
I never left China when the outbreak of the virus was steamrolling over the country. China could have never imagined that 82,000 people would contract this virus and that more than 3,000 would die. It has been unprecedented especially when compared with the number of the SARS virus of 2002-2003. Now, the even more utterly astounding unfolding of events have taken place as the virus reached the shores of America and has already (and is still taking) the worst toll on earth. It is heartbreaking ...
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Share China: You Are All Heroes
MichaelM 2020-3-15 12:38
As I'm watching America panic over the COVID-19 virus, the amazing work that the Chinese authorities have done is being revealed. Just weeks ago, hundreds of people from America were contacting me and expressing their concern for my safety living here in Henan. They wanted me to come to America where I'd 'be safe.'divbr/divdivWell, that has all changed. Now, I'm safest right here in China.nbsp;/divdivbr/divdivWith all of the criticism and blaming that China has endured from ou ...
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Share Amazing English Enlightenment - Part 2
MichaelM 2020-2-24 15:11
(Add me on WeChat; Wechat ID - BigTEXZZ) 新概念英语系列丛书是学习口语的好方法吗?为什么或者为什么不? 事实是,New Concept English是为学习英语口语而设计和编写的。但是,大多数学校和培训中心仅使用它来教授语法规则。语法规则不会教您说或掌握任何语言。尤其不是英语。 大多数中国英语教师和学生对新概念英语书不满意的是,他们没有阅读该系列第一本书的介绍。我怎么知道好吧,这是一个简单的问题。我参加了他们的课程,看到他们做书中告诉他们不要做的事情。我也看到他们没有按照老师的指示去做。 当我第一次 ...
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Share Amazing English Enlightenment - Part 1
MichaelM 2020-2-24 11:30
Amazing English Enlightenment - Part 1
I've been in China for about 8 years total. I came in 2011. I'm from America. I've gone back home several times. I've taught more than 10,000 English classes since I came here. I've appeared on television more than 80 times in China. I've had students who took my classes for many years and went on to colleges like Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University and University of Chicago. Many people from all over China have added me on WeChat. In fact, until WeChat allowed us ...
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Share W.H.O. Praises China
MichaelM 2020-2-15 03:15
When asked if China asked to be praised for their actions regarding the coronavirus by a Western reporter, this is the response of The World Health Organization's head, Tedros Adhanom. "China doesn't need to ask to be praised. For instance, the pathogen was identified in record time. And immediately, they shared the sequence. And when they shared the sequence, it helped other countries to prepare diagnostic tools to test cases. That, by implication means, they have helped in preparing other c ...
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Share Why The Huge Increase of Confirmed Cases Overnight
MichaelM 2020-2-15 03:02
On February 13th, the China authorities made a very bold, responsible and courageous decision regarding the coronavirus. They decided to include those who had been clinically diagnosed in the confirmed cases in addition to those who had been diagnosed by testing. This resulted in a huge increase (overnight) of the number of confirmed cases. Why did they do this? This is a question on many people's mind around the world. Especially in light of the fact that they knew that it would be misun ...
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