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In the September 12th, we joined in 1st International Rural Tourism Conference 2015 in Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang province.

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Michael is the author of the transformational book, Powerful Attitudes. He is a professional educator, an educational consultant, an author. He lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. He enjoys playing guitar and writing poetry. He loves China.

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Recent comments
  • Is America or China Great? 2019-5-18 16:01

    I notice you stay in Central China's Zhengzhou City, and why do you need to travel to HK for visa renewal when you may have done it in Chengdu or Xi'an, which is closer to you?

  • Is America or China Great? 2019-5-18 15:45

    I agree with you totally. At this critical moment when both sides call bluff to each other, we need more rational people like you. I think whether a person or a country or whatever a unit it is great or not great, the judgment can only be made 100 years or more after his or its death or longer by a third party without direct connections with him or it.  And to compare two countries to decide which is greater is ridiculous and makes no sense. As the Chinese spokesmen of various deparments said earlier, there will not be a winner in any trade wars. Let us wish Donald Trump to have good senses and do not make himself Donald Duck, who is hilarious but annoying.

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