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Share My Second Trip to Tanzania
cody160 2016-3-5 14:59
On 26 February, I got an urgent email from our salesperson David, asking my supervisor to send me to Tanzania for on-site assistance to one of his customers there. His customer is from Selcom, a local telecom company which provides network of point-of-sale terminals. The last time I was there, it’s in November 2015, and I was there to train their software engineer Andrew some basic stuff about our SDK (Software Development Kit). The headquarter of Selcom is located in Dar es Salaa ...
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Share My Africa Trip Illustrated
cody160 2015-9-24 16:41
My Africa Trip Illustrated
As early as June, I got an assignment to work on project for an African country. Since then, I'd been working like crazy to meet the deadline I was given. After months of hard work, this project had finally reached its final stage, and we were asked to go to Sudan to provide on-the-spot technical assistance. On August 16th, my colleague Joe and I were landed at the Khartoum International Airport. It's such a small airport that it only took us a few minutes from w ...
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Share Wonderful Times Together
cody160 2015-8-12 20:32
Wonderful Times Together
In the early morning of Saturday, August 1, I got up earlier than usual. I put a backpack on my back, and had a tripod on my shoulder, and headed towards Shenzhen North Station. From there, I was going to take a train to Xiamen, a city which I'd never been to. The journey took me about four hours, and I was lucky to get a seat near the window of the train. I plugged earbuds into my ears, and started listening to music. While my eyes kept looking at the outside of the window, I was thinki ...
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Share Picnic in the Mountains
cody160 2015-6-17 12:52
Picnic in the Mountains
As usual, when the weekend approaches, there will be some links about outdoor activities emerge on social network. An organizer nicknamed Uncle Tudou put on a link called Trekking Paiya Mountains on Wechat. Many people followed up, and I was one of them. When I signed up for the activity, I was dragged into a Wechat chatting group immediately. There were over a dozen people in this group and they were discussing how to meet on Sunday and how to prepare for this event. Uncle Tudou suggested tha ...
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Share My Two-day Travel in Dubai
cody160 2015-5-24 10:44
My Two-day Travel in Dubai
After the two-day exhibition, it's time for us to relax and have some fun. We had a small discussion on where we should go in the coming two days before we pack things up and go home. My colleague Shilin proposed that the first day we should go to the desert and ride the camels, and we should spend the next day touring around the city and visiting some famous scenic spots. The rest of us thought that's a good idea. So on May 14th, after the lunch, we started our trip to the desert. When we ar ...
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Share Seeing the World Through Lens
cody160 2015-3-10 00:48
Seeing the World Through Lens
Last week, I bought a DSLR online, and it cost me roughly a month's salary. I've never given it a second thought when spending the money, not because I'm a big spender, but because I was quite sure about the joy it could bring me when I'm shooting in the field with it. I'm not setting myself to be a photographer, but I know what it takes to be a shutterbug, and I'm working on it. Before I bought my camera, I only had a rough idea of how the Single Lens Reflex camera works. So I downloaded a lo ...
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Share Treking Along the Coast
cody160 2015-1-6 15:06
Treking Along the Coast
My friend Le and I had spent a quiet night in a hotel, at the foot of the Qiniang Mountain, which was located at the north of Dapeng Peninsula. On previous day, that was January 2, we'd climbed Qiniang Mountain, which was said to be the second highest mountain in Shenzhen. When we got off the mountain, we all felt our feet were twitching. But at the same time, we were both satisfied with this trip. It's our first time to conquer the mountain, and from the top of it, we felt the beauty of the pe ...
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Share Camping outside - A Sleepless Night
cody160 2014-10-12 20:10
Camping outside - A Sleepless Night
My previous blog is about our plan and expectations about travel in this National Day holiday, while in this one, I'm going to talk about the reality, and how the plan turned out to be. On the morning of Oct 5th, we arrived in Shaoguan-a northern city of Guangdong. We brought one tent with us, and we decided to camp on top of a mountain in Mount Danxia scenic area that night. Originally, we expected to see the sunset where we were going to set up our tent, but when we reached the peak of the m ...
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Share My Travel Plan for the Upcoming Holiday
cody160 2014-9-27 15:02
My Travel Plan for the Upcoming Holiday
My plan for the holiday is to travel down from north to south, with the northernmost city being the northern city of Hunan--Yueyang, and the southernmost being Shenzhen. I'm gonna travel with three of my friends, two of them from Yueyang, so that's why we're gonna visit there in the first place. During our two and a half days visit there, we planned to visit Yueyang Tower, Junshan Islet and Zhang Guying Ancient Village. Yueyang Tower being the most famous tourist spot in the city, it's a must ...
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Share A Fancy Footbridge Built in Shenzhen
cody160 2014-7-23 10:26
A Fancy Footbridge Built in Shenzhen
In 2011, before Shenzhen opens its door to welcome thousands of young athletes from around the globe as it's going to host the 26th Summer Universiade, a new footbridge was built at the intersection of Shennan Boulevard and Nanshan Boulevard. The move was made by the local goverment to enhance the city's image. The footbridge was given the name Chunhua, literally means Spring Flower, because it looks like a blooming flower seen from above. This is how the footbridge looks like: A bird's-eye ...
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