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Share A Shocking Revelation About Our University
2015-6-20 14:45
Ron is a semi-retired Canadian, who now works in Xiamen, Fujian province. I wanted to know more about him, so I started a conversation with him on Wechat. Originally, I just wanted to know more about him, but the conversation turned out to be a shocking revelation about our higher learning. Here's an excerpt of our conversation. ME: Do you teach in Xiamen? RON: No, I was offered several jobs but for me to take one the school would have to fake a university degree for me. I never completed uni ...
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Share My Restless Father
2015-4-18 20:04
When I was still working in my office last week, my uncle called me and told me my father was with him and he wanted to tell me something, then he transferred me to my father. I was a bit surprised and expected something urgent. Instead of first asking me how I was doing on my job as he usually did, he went straight to ask me if I could transfer him ten thousand yuan immediately because he just lost his job and wanted to go home raising chickens to earn some money. He ...
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Share Hometown Beyond Recognition
2015-2-25 14:49
Just two days away from the lunar new year, I boarded a coach along with my luggages. It's already late afternoon, and this trip would take me more than two hours. I was exhausted, because just two days ago, I stayed overnight on a slow train from Shenzhen to Yueyang for my friend's wedding. Then I took another train from Yueyang to Changsha -- my home city, after the wedding, and I was still not yet home, only closer. After spending yet another night at my sister's home, I was finally on my la ...
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Share Pregnant Brides
2014-12-29 22:39
A few days ago, my college classmate met with me online and invited me to her wedding ceremony, which would be held eight days after the lunar new year. I was not sure that I'd be there because my holiday plan required me to work on that day. So I thanked her and said that I'd be there if I'm available on that day. After that, I was wondering why she would be in such a hurry to get married considering she's currently studying in a graduate school. Days later, that mystery was unveiled after an ...
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Share The Moments in 2014
2014-12-20 23:24
I've had high hopes that I'd get a chance to go abroad this year. But as the end of the year approaches, I give up the hope. But there were a few chances that did come close to me. This April, I was tasked with working with my colleague Steven on a project for a Pakistani company. We did meet a lot of difficulties on this project because we'd never dealt with the kind of requirements that our customers had put forth before. In dealing with those challenges, Steven and I had a lot of discussio ...
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Share A Young and Ambitious CEO
2014-11-30 23:17
A Young and Ambitious CEO
I usually don't watch TV because I believe there's no TV program suit my taste. Till last week, when I was on vacation with my colleagues in our department, I was immediately gravitated to a TV show, called Voice of Youth (青年中国说). Yu Jiawen in the show. In that episode, a post-90s boy walked onto the stage, with a huge stuffed bear in his arms. Everybody in the audience laughed--he's so childish, immature. What a typical post-90s guy, I thought. To take the post-90s tag off him, he ...
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Share The Consequences of Flash Marriage
2014-11-3 09:12
Yesterday, my friend Biao left a message on my QQ. He said: "It's all over, and I've to start all over again from nothing." Soon after seeing the message, I gave him a phone call to ask for details. This is what he said: Enough is enough, I've decided to end this ordeal. It seems, there's nothing I can do. I wanted to save the marriage, but she seemded to be indifferent. For our unborn baby, I swallowed her disrespects time and time again, but I could not put up with it anymore. A couple of ...
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Share I Have Shown You the City
2014-8-27 00:54
Our company's customer was coming to our company for a 7-day training program, and my colleague Xiaoshan and I were responsible for picking him up at the airport. His name is Kashif and he's from Pakistan. One of the first few questions I asked him when we met was: "Have you ever been to China?" He said no. Then I asked him what's his first impression about this city. To which he simply replied, "It's good." He's answer was some what disappointing, because I expected a more specific answer, no ...
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Share The Unexpected Fortune
2014-8-17 08:09
40 years ago, at the age of 5, Huang moved with his parents to a remote village. He lost contact with almost all of his buddies he grew up with since then, and found that it's hard for him to blend in with the new surroundings since he didn't speak the dialect. So he felt pretty much isolated. Since he didn't have any kids to play with, he would usually go out to the sea with his father. It's his father's idea to be a fisherman that had ultimately brought his whole family here. He had been fall ...
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Share The Prodigal Son Has Returned
2014-8-5 23:45
When I was studying in college, I remember my mom called me one day just to tell me a bad news, that someone had broken into our house in the midnight. Our windows were broken and rooms were left in a big mess. Fortunately the burglar was making off with nothing, he or she was clearly just looking for some cash and had no interests in carrying away our appliances. What I was really concerned about was my parents' safety once I heard the news. So I told her not to confront those burglars directl ...
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  • My Second Trip to Tanzania 2016-3-17 10:25

    RonJaDa: Hey Cody, that sound like a scary experience,  it is hard to know what to do.  I am glad you got through safe and did not encounter more serious probl ...
    Hi, Ron, thank you very much for your concern and kind suggestions. Yes, it's a valuable lesson for me.

  • My Second Trip to Tanzania 2016-3-10 19:39

    Hey Cody, that sound like a scary experience,  it is hard to know what to do.  I am glad you got through safe and did not encounter more serious problems.

    My recommendation would be to talk to your boss about it to ensure you are covered for future trips. If you legally have to declare a business trip and get the $250 visa, your company should be able to add that cost to your customers bill for your trip.

    It is always hard knowing how to deal with corrupt officials, but I guess this is a valuable lesson for you.

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