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Share Spirit Up, and Speak Out What I'm Thinking About
2017-9-25 20:17
Spirit Up, and Speak Out What I'm Thinking About
Up to now it has been a long time since I suspended my English writing in this blog. It's time to begin writing sth again. Every day there are loads of thoughts and ideas hovering in my mind, some rising out of my readings while more originated from my daily life. They came into my mind silently and slip away quietly, leaving no track at all. ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】广播稿:和我们的小学生活说再见 (附汉语翻译) 2016-5-26 18:44 ... ...
2016-5-26 20:53
Farewell, our Elementary School By Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲) Hi, everyone. I’m broadcaster Sunny Wang. It’s really nice to be able to broadcast for you guys, but what makes me really sad is that we won’t have much chance of broadcasting now. Most of you should be really happy with the end of this school term, because we are all goin ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】广播稿:不要草率地评价一个人(双语)
2016-5-26 20:51
Don’ t Judge a Person Too Quickly by Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲 ) Hello everyone, I’m broadcaster Sunny Wang. Glad I’m still standing here to give you all a speech since I had such a nightmare last night and thought I was dead for sure. Well, everyone has their own f avorite book. And one of my favorite is Harry Potter, and of course I have ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】广播稿:搁浅的梦 (附:汉语翻译) 2016-5-12 12:43 ...
2016-5-26 20:49
Forgotten Dreams (搁浅的梦) B y Yifei Wang (王怡菲) Hello everyone, I ’ m broadcaster Sunny Wang. Certainly , I ’ m very glad to be able to deliver a speech to all of you. Under the sky, deep in the meadow, a dream, we once swore to follow. When the boat no longer t ravels, when the dreams turn into shadow , Where am I? In the shore where forgotten dreams lay. This is a poem I o ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】广播稿: 合理安排日常生活,高效利用时间 2016-5-4 19:33 ...
2016-5-26 20:46
Timing Your Everyday Life Efficiently B y Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲) Hi, everyone, I ’ m broadcaster Sunny Wang. Again, I ’ m very glad to be able to give you guys all a speech. I ’ m sure that all of you had enjoyed you Labor Day vacation very much, and I want to start with a simple question. “ What did you do in the vacation? ” You might say, “ I did bunch of things, like going out hi ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】广播稿:登泰山 2016-5-4 18:39
2016-5-26 20:44
Climbing up Mount Tai ( 登泰山 ) By Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲) Hi everyone, I’m broadcaster Sunny Wang. I ’m sure that all the sixth graders attending the graduation vacation had a great and joyful time in the past two days . Last year, I went to Mount Tai . It is said in a poe m that if you st oo d on the top of Mount Tai , you w ould have the whole world under your e ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】广播稿:让我们读书吧(英汉双语) 2016-4-22 22:24 ...
2016-5-26 20:42
Let ’ s Read More Books ____a broadcast script on the World Book Day B y Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲) Hi everyone, I’m broadcaster Sunny Wang. Again, I’m very happy to be able to deliver a speech that the whole school can hear, and I really hope that this broadcast will go well as I planned. As we all know, the 23 rd of April is the World Book Day. However, before, when this festival was first cr ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】广播稿:清明节祭拜烈士及其他 2016-4-7 15:38
2016-5-26 20:39
做小广播员的第二周,说什么好呢,还是应景吧,就说大家熟悉的、发生在自己身上的事,还有身边事 A Report on Qinming Festival Tom b -sweeping and Others B y Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲) Hi everyone, I ’ m Sunny Wang f rom Grade Six. It ’ s my second time to broadcast in my life, and I ’ m still very excited and a little nervous about this, but I guess I ’ m fine as long as you all get the m e ssage that I ’ m trying to deliver every ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】广播稿:愚人节漫谈 2016-4-1 07:12
2016-5-26 20:36
特号好消息!菲儿成为联合国儿童节小学的英文播音主持了!做播音主持,自然要有广播稿。广播讲究实效性,应时应景那是必须滴。愚人节到了,那就讲讲愚人节吧,呵呵,愚弄人固然好玩,但不可过分哦 An Introduction to April Fool’s Day By Wang Yifei ( 王怡菲) Hi, everyone. I’m Sunny Wang. Today is my first day ever to be a broadcaster, well, or almost a broadcaster, I still have loads to learn. I’m not only new to broadcasting, but also new to this school. So I hop ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】书评:“我要想想下步该如何走。” 2016-3-31 09:08 ...
2016-5-26 20:34
上周三读完Kimberly Brubaker Bradley写的The War that Saved my Life 一书,激动得不能自持,非要说些什么而后快。于是,半个小时左右就快速敲下了这篇文字。慢慢读来,一股沧桑感扑面而来,远非一个不满12岁孩子该有的人生洞察与思考可达。一本书,就是一个世界。书中所述人物故事及情感经历会对读者产生极大的影响。菲儿和主人公一起笑,一起抹眼泪,一起感悟人生的酸甜苦辣,于是便仿佛自己有了这一段人生体验。从这个意义上说,读好书甚至比一段好的旅行对孩子的成长影响还要大。它会带给你全方位的思考与体验。 错误不算多 ...
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