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 Farewell, our Elementary School

 By Wang Yifei (六年级 王怡菲)

           Hi, everyone. I’m broadcaster Sunny Wang. It’s really nice to be able to broadcast for you guys, but what makes me really sad is that we won’t have much chance of broadcasting now.

          Most of you should be really happy with the end of this school term, because we are all going to middle school. However, I’m a bit sad about it.

          The six years of elementary school gave us so many memories that it is hard to remember them all. Nevertheless, there will be always some memories that are too precious to forget. For me, that will be my first time walking into my elementary school, my first time being scolded by a teacher, my first time getting the first place in a test… These might seem very small, but are huge marks on our road of life. It is important, to remember these marks because they help to createwhat kind of person we will be. If you are really good at arts, and youhave lots of great memories about it, then you might be a great artist. In these six years we spent in our elementary school, our marks might not always be bright and shiny. There are always some gloomy ones that stand so firmly on its tracks that you wish that a lightning could struck it and burn it down. But unfortunaly, that’s never going tohappen. So, instead of trying to do impossible things, (I know that you like to say nothing is impossible, but it doesn’t conclude this) why don’t you use the time and energy to improve yourself and make the gloomy marks bright again?

         It must be really hard to reveal all the times we spent in elementary schools. And maybe ten 
years later, when your classmate’s laughter had faded in your mind, and when your heart is full of other things that there’s no space for a six-year memory, I assure you, there must be some people or things that you still remember. Like, teachers, those who sacrificed their free time and energy to gave you lessons, who tried so hard to make you become a great person, whom you gave so many white hair, and so many winkles. They seem unforgettable, because when you become somebody in the future, you still think, “Oh, some of my elementary school teachers helped me on the way togreatness.” So there you have it, not only memories in elementary schools can make us great, but people as well

          Now that elementary schools are a very important part of our life, so make use of it, and try to make every minute count at the last remaining days of elementary school. When we first entered it, we wereonly toddlers, but now we are very good at running and jumping. Before, we could barely read ABC, but now, we can read a bunch of words. Some of the improvements are really easy to see, but you have to dig at some in the future to shine. In the six-year study, we learned so much, and grow so much. It’s really hard to say good-bye to this wonderful land.

          I hope you are all well at the last few days, and in the future, may the odds be ever in your favor. Thank you.

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 文:王怡菲  翻译:老爸






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Reply Report mbursian 2016-6-8 13:32
Your daughter is very expressive with her writing... impressively expressive for her age.  Thanks for providing a decent translation, too!

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