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【菲儿作文】广播稿:搁浅的梦 (附:汉语翻译) 2016-5-12 12:43 ...

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Forgotten Dreams(搁浅的梦) 

By Yifei Wang (王怡菲) 

Hello everyone, Im broadcaster Sunny Wang. Certainly, Im very glad to be able to deliver a speech to all of you.

Under the sky, deep in the meadow, a dream, we once swore to follow.

When the boat no longer travels, when the dreams turn into shadow

Where am I?

In the shore where forgotten dreams lay.

This is a poem I once read from a book, which gave me a blow right in the mind. It was funny, however, that what made me remember the most was not the book, but the poem. I still remember that the book tells about a girl who lived in the woods. She had leg diseases and couldnt walk. She made all these paper boats and sat them in the small river in front of her house. Her father was dead years ago, which only left her and her mom to keep life going. The girls name was Lily, and she once told her mom that each paper boat contains a wonderful dream of hers, and someday, she would be able to walk again, and someday, she is going to achieve all her dreams. But then, her mother died from a car crash. At last, despite all the things that were happening, Lily finally remembered her childhood dreams, and discovered thatthe secrets lay in her own forgotten dreams.

Its a really good book, but what I like most is the poem. It shows a thirteen year-old girls dreams, and her determination to survive and start a new life. But it also makes me wonder, Im sure that everyone grows up surrounded by millions of dreams. In fact, some of them might be completely crazy. Thats totally fine. One of my classmates is already twelve, and he still keeps dreaming his life about twenty years later. In his dream, he will have a hundred luxury cars, and he said that by then, he will also have a thousand iphone 10000+. I grew up in dreams. When I was three, I listened to my mother telling me stories about princesses. I always dreamed that someday, I would be a millionaire and live the rest of my life like a princess in the story. When I was six, I dreamed to be a pilot. When I was eight, I wanted to be a translator for the president, and when I am eleven now, I want to be a university professor.

But sometimes, when we are so hooked up by our problems in everyday life, that we totally forget our dreams. A dream is like the sail of our life, and if we lose it, we might lose ourselves as well, because once there is no goal towork for, there is no point of living, just like a boat without a sail. Every day, we might have a new dream. This dream might be small, it might only be one sentence like, I want to achieve full marks on my test. Just write it in your day-planner and work for it. If you study hard enough, surely it would pay off. Now, close your eyes, imagine a place, a silver sky and green clouds. You has just arrived in this strange and unreal place, and now you are on a golden beach. More surprisingly, on the beach, there are no shells, no starfish, no anything you would normally see on a beach. But, instead, there are millions and even zillions of small, carefully folded paper boats. When you pick one up, and hold it still for a while, and stare into it, you will find a dream, and inside it, you will find what a person want to be. If you are lucky enough, maybe you will even find your childhood dreams.

If you want to ask how to find this place, its easy, because it is, and it will always be, right here in our heads. Thank you.

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文:王怡菲   翻译:老爸







书很不错但我更喜欢那首诗,它写出了一位13岁女孩的梦想,写出了她要活下来,开始新的人生征程的决心。我在思考,我们每个人在成长过程中都会做许许多多梦,有些梦可能会完全不着边际。这没啥不好的呀。我的一位同学12岁了,他梦想12年后他的生活:要拥有100辆豪车,还要有一千部Iphone10000 plus。我也是在梦中长大的。三岁时,我听了妈妈给我讲公主故事,我就总梦想着,有一天我会成为一个百万富翁,像故事里的公主那样度过一生。六岁时,我梦想成为一名飞行员。八岁时,我的梦想是为总统当翻译。现在我11岁了,我想要成为一名大学教授。



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