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【Sunny's Composition】I’m Eleven

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菲儿还作诗一首“Time went, without a scent, or feel, or taste. It’s a waste, letting time go. Doing nothing, but empty your soul.”(时光匆匆而过,难以嗅闻,无法感触,也不能尝其味。仿若无物,随它去吧,唯守我内心的安宁与清净。)她认识到:Empty your bad feeling of being eleven, but enjoy it!不要让11岁的坏心情影响自己,要开心地享受它!)



Im Eleven

 By Yifei Wang (Sunny)  in July, 2015

You know what trouble people most is that,the thing you want most is coming to you,but you suddenly felt that you don’t want it anymore. And don’t know what to do with it. Adults wish that they could grow younger while children wish that they could grow older more quickly. But when it really happens, no one wants it. They don’t want to be a freak. News like, a sixty-year-old lady suddenly becomes a ten-year-old girl, or an eleven-year-old girl turns into thirty eight overnightIt usually gives people a feeling of unnatural. 

Sunny is ten years old. And like all the ten-year-old kids, she wishes to grow older more quickly. So she can put on nail polish whenever she wants to. Besides, growing older also means that she can decide whatever she wants to do. 

The day after tomorrow will be Sunny’s eleventh birthday. But now she is suddenly not sure if she wantsher age to be “Eleven”. “I’m bored of being ten.” She said to her mom. It was Saturday, the sun was shining, and the sky was clear. Sunny, however, did not enjoy it. She was having a fight in her mind of whether she wants to be “ten”, or “Eleven”.

“Well, your birthday is two days away. You won’t be ten much longer.” Her mother answered quit cheerfully.

“I’m bored of being eleven.” Groaned Sunny. 

“Eleven” is still too far away from being a grown-up. Sunny wants to be eighteen. “Eleven” is closer to a teenager than “Ten”. But then, she has to wait a whole year to become “Twelve” and who wants to be twelve?

Sunny was stuck in the middle, and then she thought about making a T chart. Her father always tells her that whenever she has two minds about something, then list a T chat. Sunny doesn’t find it very useful, but will it work this time?     

Things that you can do of being ten

lDoing less homework                   

lNot to worry about the challenges in Middle School 

lHave more time to play

lCan still fit in beautiful dresses.

lCan stay in elementary school. 

lStay with best friends. 

Things that you can do of being eleven

lCan do the shopping ALONE

lGo to middle school, and meet cool new people.

lCan’t wear dress, but can wear very short shorts.

lDo nail polish.

lSave money, and buy whatever you want.

lBeing closer to a teenager.

 “Well, six to six.” Said Sunny to herself, “T chart isn’t really helpful, is it?” Now, Sunny doesn’t know what to do next. Where are all the wise people when you need them?

“Twelve” is an awful age, and now, Sunny still needs to wait seven years to be eighteen. Also, she has to face whatever she will meet in middle school, plus, say good-bye to her friends.

lYou can’t stop the time from floating quickly.

lYou can’t stay in Ten for more than a year.

lYou will grow older.

lYour eleventh birthday is two days away, and you have to attend it. But even if you do not, you will turn eleven.

lYou will turn into eleven anyway. 

Conclusion: You have to turn into Eleven. 

Sunny suddenly is not worried anymore. If you are going to turn into eleven anyway, then just let it be. It’s closer to eighteen than ten, so it’s better. There is always something in your life that you can’t change. Instead of thinking how to prevent it from happening, why not face it?  “Time went, without a scent, or feel, or taste. It’s a waste, letting time go. Doing nothing, but empty your soul.” Sunny said this poem in a whisper. Empty your soul… Yes, that’s it. Empty your bad feeling of being eleven, but enjoy it!

The sun is shining, and the sky is clear, “Mom, there will be eleven candles on my birthday cake, right?” a voice full of happiness called out.

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Very philosophical.

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