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Share Spirit Up, and Speak Out What I'm Thinking About
2017-9-25 20:17
Spirit Up, and Speak Out What I'm Thinking About
Up to now it has been a long time since I suspended my English writing in this blog. It's time to begin writing sth again. Every day there are loads of thoughts and ideas hovering in my mind, some rising out of my readings while more originated from my daily life. They came into my mind silently and slip away quietly, leaving no track at all. ...
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Share 【菲儿作文】书评:“我要想想下步该如何走。” 2016-3-31 09:08 ...
2016-5-26 20:34
上周三读完Kimberly Brubaker Bradley写的The War that Saved my Life 一书,激动得不能自持,非要说些什么而后快。于是,半个小时左右就快速敲下了这篇文字。慢慢读来,一股沧桑感扑面而来,远非一个不满12岁孩子该有的人生洞察与思考可达。一本书,就是一个世界。书中所述人物故事及情感经历会对读者产生极大的影响。菲儿和主人公一起笑,一起抹眼泪,一起感悟人生的酸甜苦辣,于是便仿佛自己有了这一段人生体验。从这个意义上说,读好书甚至比一段好的旅行对孩子的成长影响还要大。它会带给你全方位的思考与体验。 错误不算多 ...
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Share One Harvard Statue----A Chinese Composition by my Daughter
2014-12-29 12:41
One Harvard Statue----A Chinese Composition by my Daughter
Written by Wang Yifei (Sunny), and translated by her daddy I’ma statue erecting still in the campus of Harvard University. I was named after one of the main fundraisers of this world-prestigious university --- John Harvard,than which there is no more connections with the high reputations this school enjoys. However, I am a statue fond of meditation. I used to have a talk with little birds on the tree above my head, or implant some philosophy in ...
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Share My daughter's Performance is Successful
2014-12-15 22:24
My daughter's Performance is Successful
Yesterday (Sunday) Newton Public Schools All City Treble Singers cooperated with New England Philharmonic in Tsai Perfomance Centre of Boston University. ït is a big hit", my daughter, Sunny said, "there is no free seat in the big auditorium". The following is some information from another web one month ago about the perfomance, and pictures about it. THE NEW ENGLAND PHILHARMONIC PRESENTS ALL ABOARD! ANNUAL FAMILY CONCERT 12.14.14 by DAYLAARABELLA on ...
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Share Israel Vs. Lebanon --- (I) Cameras may be a Trouble-maker
2014-12-12 21:14
Israel Vs. Lebanon --- (I) Cameras may be a Trouble-maker
Israel and Lebanon are far from friends even 8 years after 2006 war between them. They are foes, exchanging fires and hostilities at times, which enjoy a great potential for escalating into another comprehensive war. In the interim, how are these two countries and their people? Here are my personal feelings. First of all I have to say that both peoples are friendly towards Chinese, especially average Shiite Muslim and Jews. They would never hesitate to presen ...
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Share My Childhood Memory----My daughter's English writing
2014-12-11 09:39
My Childhood Memory----My daughter's English writing
This composition written by my daughter Sunnyget corrected by Mr. Whiting in grammar and spelling. Sunny typed it out, which is the 1st time she has ever done. I feel very happy with that.
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Share Middle-east in my Eyes
2014-11-7 20:02
Middle-east in my Eyes
My mission in middle-east comes to an end and I came back to my homeland. One year and one month, too many stories happened and too much thoughts popped up inmy mind. No written words for them and all of them had gone with the wind. Left in the memory was a general opinion about life.It is colorful: black, white, and blue. Blue is the sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, even the sea of Galilee. It seems that the surface of the sea is always calm and quiet ...
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Share The Yard in my Hometown ---My Daughter's Englsih Writings (II)
2014-4-24 11:43
(文法错误已在老师指导下订正) The yard in my hometown is very beautiful. It looks like a picture. I like it very much. In spring, there are many flowers in the yard. I have planted a small apple tree in the centre of the yard. I’m sure that it will grow up soon. In summer, the apple tree grows taller, and some birds take their home on the apple tree. When I was at home, I could hear the birds singing. What a lov ...
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Share An Idle Cat
2014-4-16 15:22
Day after day, blue sky is dotted with white cloud, and fresh air is breezing with moisture from the Mediterranean Sea. Lying on the gazebo outside CHINA HOUSE in Tyre, Lebonon, a fat yellow female cat gets used to enjoy idly all of these luxuries in the eyes of mainland Chinese cats who are subjected to heavy smog. She’s got nothing to do, and she’s got nothing to care about. Oh, perhaps it’s not too fair to say so. After all, she is homeless, and in her inner heart s ...
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Share Another Car Bomb in Lebanon
2014-1-3 04:16
I've been in Middle-east area for nearly 3 months. During this period of time, I visited Old Jerusalem, Sur, Telveve, and some other places. I've got a better understanding of muslim and the Islamics. There is no peace between Jews and Islamics, neither among Shia Muslim and Sunny Muslim, two branches of Islamics, in the near future. Today there happened another explosion in the capital of Lebanon: News From BBC: At least five people have been killed and more than77 hurt i ...
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