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Share A Letter To My Friend KIyer’s recommendation
2013-9-22 11:51
A Letter To My Friend KIyer ’s Recommendation The following is a letter from my friend Klyer’s KIyer 2013-9-22 06:07 Hi, Thanks for your note. I find that most people do have a great imagination, it is just that they dont always put it in writing or in English. It is the idea that is important, not the language. Language should just be used to spread the ide ...
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Share How To Learn English As A Chinese
2013-9-21 18:05
How to learn English as a Chinese By liu5222512 Chapte One In my mind,the good way of learning English is:READ+THINK+WRITE+PERSISTENCE in English. In regard to this question,first,I would like to ask our foreign friends:How to learn Chinese? Here,why do I ask such a question?Because we admire that they always speak Chinese fluently and accurately while we can not speak English as they do in that way.we want to ask why they learn Chinese so we ...
Personal category: life and learnig|7584 views|18 comments Popularity 7
Share MY rewrite No.12
2013-9-21 18:00
MY rewrite No. 12 of Dry noodles of hometown Original by tonysong2000 1.I never would like eat some flour food excpet that I return hometown. I would never like to eat some flour food excpet that I return hometown. 2.I think I used to this taste and style. I think I get used to... 3.there are some special soup with trange condiments. strange condiments 4.I am not sure if cook boil meat and particular secret prescription. I am not sure whether the tips is involved ...
Personal category: My Rewrites|1164 views|4 comments Popularity 1
Share MY rewrite No.11
2013-9-21 17:56
MY rewrite No.11 of Keep healthy Original by Kevinfly 1.We always do not care or not pay enough attention on our health when we have it, we alway do not care or not pay enough attention to our health... 2.there will be so long time for them to do things they want do, there will be such a long time for them to do things they want, Dancing your own dance,let the others say what they want. 3.Today, Most people should a lot burden, work or pressure every day, ...
Personal category: My Rewrites|1028 views|3 comments Popularity 1
Share MY rewrite No. 10
2013-9-21 10:35
MY rewrite No.10 of my professional career Original by tonysong2000 1.Too many thing need to intruduce, I don't know where and what is the starting. too many thhings need to be introduced,I don't know where and how to start,and what to start with. core responsibility are monintoring and coordinating the whole project timing, my core responsibility is... 3.meanwhile I know well how to control and manage internal a complete project matters. internal operation ...
Personal category: My Rewrites|948 views|0 comments
Share MY rewrite No. 9
2013-9-21 02:33
MY rewrite No.9 of How to buy a car Original by cheney0211 1.In fact,I'm working as a member in the car industry for about 7 years. I've been a staff member in... I've been working as a staff member 2.However,it's my first time been taught in english in how to buy a car. However,it's my first time being taught in English about how to buy a car. 3.In todays online class,in found that the more you speak english the easier english will become . In today's online class,I find that... 4.The mo ...
Personal category: My Rewrites|641 views|0 comments
Share MY rewrite No.8
2013-9-21 02:29
My rewite No.8 of a special day Original by cheney0211 1.China and Japan seems to be more and more coopreative. China and Japan seem to be... 2.What I want to express is we can't live in the past but look forward and it's same in our daily lives. What I want to express is we can not always live in the past,we need look forward.And the same is true in our daily lives. 3.I'v leant english for more than 15 years but there will not be a whole sentence when it's needed. I' ...
Personal category: My Rewrites|504 views|0 comments
Share MY rewrite No.7
2013-9-19 16:14
MY rewrite No. of Cross the River and Sea Original by snowipine 1.After thousand miles land trekking thousands of miles' trekking. 2.Here pops up rive and sea river 3.Stay on bank or brave the wind and wave? linger on the bank to brave...? 4.Here is no one doesn’t bearing the mindset of wary caution bear 5.No one wants to risk life and cozy lives to foray into the wild world. explore into the wild world. 6.But curious heart can’t hold up the hot lure anymore hold up the grea ...
1501 views|5 comments Popularity 1
Share MY rewrite No.6
2013-9-18 17:47
MY rewrite No. of Gifts and Blessings from Mount Yuelu Original by Zhang Shaoxiong 1.On a September Sunday morning, hotter than warm and cooler than hot, Cozily warm and pleasantly cool,it’s a good time for sightseeing. 2. and tourists from different corners of China and of the world. We prefer the wild theatres in the depth of the woods, far from the madding crowds, where we can ramble at leisure. from different corners of China and the world. We prefer the open air ...
1594 views|7 comments Popularity 1
Share MY rewrite No. 5
2013-9-16 23:50
MY rewrite No.5 of I earned a slap on the face Original by snowipine 1.and then I opened up my PC, I viewed friend’s messages and the greeting alters sent out by the dear editors. Turned on my pc,I browsed, Friends’ messages 3.came from one my new friend-would be, who we just met through our platform last night, we merely greeted each other with simple friendly gestures. One would-be friend,whom we just … Simple words 4.The signs of his messages just l ...
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