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Who Killed Li Wenxing?-The World Outside Ivory Tower Is Complex

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Who Killed Li Wenxing?The World Outside Ivory Tower Is Complex

Posted on August 7, 2017

Hi, everyone,


I write to you in sorrow over the shocking death of Li that has struck the nation. And it has taken me some days to catch my breath and even know what to say. We are all horrified and grief stricken for his parents who lost their loved son. And it is a terrifying experience they will long remember, and it isn’t over yet. It is terrifying to realize that we are not safe in face of such scams in this peaceful world.


What a terrible death to those who just graduated from universities and are struggling on the way of hunting their desirable job for a brilliant future career.

Li Wengxing, at 23, graduated from Northeast University in Shenyang, Liaoning province in 2016, and was found dead from drowning on July 14 in a pool in Tianjin’s Jinghai district. Police said it’s highly possible that he was somehow connected with a pyramid scheme organization, as a notebook with pyramid scheme content was found with his body.

The incident has sparked fierce online discussion. Li is a boy of peasant origin, regardless of years of hardship, finally fortune smiled at him, five years ago, he was admitted to a 985 university with an excellent academic record. He should have made some achievements and distinguished himself gloriously in his early career, but he died after reportedly lured into a scam from a rampant fake recruiter related to pyramid scheme.

Nobody knows what kind of despair he had been through.

We ofthen believe that there are more good sarmaritans than bad guys in this world, and feel at ease and reassured, but now I feel a little scared when rejoice at the nice, peaceful and wonderful world. Long ago, it was considered that the society(the outside world) is as good and wonderful as the college campus.


Li had been looking for job for a long time but failed. Though suspicious that offer might be a scam, he still received the offer from scammers posing as recruiters for a Beijing-based company. According to his family members, Li asked his mother in his last call to her not to give money to anyone, Li himself never borrowed money, yet recently asked for money three times.

Maybe long-time failure in his job-hunting had driven him crazy, so he grasped a straw as the last chance of survival.

Apparently, his self-protection awareness is not enough, and to some extent, he would rather protect the money than his life, this is a tragedy of poeple from the bottom of society.

We can never underestimate the violence and attack from the evil forces, who will do anything to accomplish their aims(ends justify means).


The education in the ivory tower is too ‘simple’. It must be wrong that getting-education is useless, our education is just not good enough, no matter on family education or on school education.

Maybe we can learn poetry and verses, lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy, painting and chemistry in school. Nevertheless, the nurturing of the analysis of human nature and crisis awareness, is ignored, while it means a lot when students leave the university and go out for society.

Though Li is a 985 unversity graduate, the lack of these instructions leads to his death.

The society is like a melting pot that comprises the good and the bad, the kindness and the evil, the honesty and the hypocrisy. Nobody can assure they will not come across some evil things in their life, for this is not a fairy tale world!!! So before leave the university, everyone should have prepared in advance for the possible bad and evil things in the future.

There are many more attractive ‘sugar-coated-bullets’ everywhere in this society, more ornate and elaborated and decorated on the surface, while darker and gloomier inside.


I think we all at times feel helpless in the face of job-hunting stress or plight. My heart goes out to you who suffered tragedies and lost loved ones. You have my love and my prayer, and my deep compassion. Let us hope that another incident like this doesn’t happen again, and let us hope that the wounds, both emotional and material, heal as quickly as possible.


I send you all my love,


(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report goodie 2017-8-7 22:10
Where is your source, sir?
I believe it's a real case anyway. The child's Parents must be very sad-----my heart is beating with theirs.
Be a Dragger to the ambicious kids, good for the oldish parents and kids.

They have their way to mature up, we are growing up, victorious or others.
Reply Report liu5222512 2017-8-7 22:52
goodie: Where is your source, sir?
I believe it's a real case anyway. The child's Parents must be very sad-----my heart is beating with theirs.
Be a Dragger  ...
From Chinadaily news.
And everywhere in Chinese newspapers.
Have you read news recently?
Reply Report goodie 2017-8-9 12:59
You are right, here are lots of and diversified news reports in the Daily.

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