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Share No Country for Old Men VS the Only Child Ⅲ
2014-2-7 00:03
No Country for Old Men VS the Only Child Ⅲ Frustrations for the Only Child Along with the deepening of the reform and opening-up,China has achieved astonishing economic progress,with society changing tremendously. Prices are soaring,including the exorbitant education tuition fees from the kindergarden all the way to the college,especially housing price has turned almost unreachable for most average people. And employment situation is much different from ...
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Share No Country for Old Men VS the Only Child Ⅱ
2014-1-22 22:52
No Country for Old Men VS the Only Child Ⅱ To “Post-80s” Generation,Lucky or Not To the “post-80s” generation,they are lucky,for most of them are the only child.So they are the apple of their parents’eyes, and grandparents’eyes as well.They got a special name: xiao huangdi "little emperors", or xiao gongzhu “little princes.” Under such background,everyone like them will take it for granted that they are the sole focus of doting parent,being overly protected and s ...
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Share No Country for Old Men VS the Only Child Part Ⅰ
2014-1-9 23:02
No Country for Old Men VS the Only Child Part Ⅰ As time goes by, everybody will get old,and aging is inevitable for everyone. What can we rely on when we turn old? Especially when illness comes to us,what can bring the sense of comfort and security,keeping us far away from loneliness and grief? As for the issue of aging, it has been growing severely in spite of the fact that most people are still ignorant of the problems which it will bring about. ...
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Share Stronger Than All Is Maternal Love
2013-11-1 16:41
Stronger Than All Is Maternal Love Last week I revisted my old house in the country.It is a peaceful and beautiful place.A decade ago,we moved to the town where now I live in,and there was the parting from every familiar object — the place where I had grown up,the trees under which I had played,the groves where I had walked many times an evening in happy days,by the side of my father — everything,as it lay in the clear frosty moonlight,seemed to speak reproachfully to me,and ...
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Share Papa in Hospital Ⅲ
2013-10-21 10:47
Episode No.1 Papa in Hospital Part Three “ Where is the CT room? ” I asked “I will take youdown there.”she answered. We went down in an elevator.The woman stopped it and I stepped out and followed her down to a room at the far end of the hall. It was a bare hall with two windows and closed doors all down the corridor. “He is doing CT examination,you can wait here.”the nurse said. I sat on a chair in the hallway and watched the doo ...
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Share Papa in HospitalⅡ
2013-10-16 08:44
Episode No.1 Papa in Hospita l Ⅱ Part Two Papa=Henry The pains came quite regularly,then slackened off.Papa looked weak and very tired.As papa and Lisa were having their breakfast,I stepped out the door, walked up and down the hallway.I was afraid to go in.When I looked out the window,I could see it was raining outside. At noon,papa was getting a bit better.And Lisa got a call from her superior who gave her an assignment. “Sorry,papa,I’ve got some ...
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Share Papa in Hospital
2013-10-13 09:43
Episode No.1 Papa in Hospital Mark=I Lisa=Sister Part One In the morning,the day was cloudy but the sun was trying to come through,it was about nine o’clock,I got a phone call from my aunty, she said my father had been running a high fever since last night.I got up,dress and went to my father’s apartment.I found my younger sister had been there before. Papa’s face looked gray and tired. “Are you all right,papa?” “I’ve be ...
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