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Share Why a Chinese Donates $350 million to Harvard?
2014-9-10 13:46
Why a Chinese Donates $350 million to Harvard? The latest news says: Hong Kong tycoon Ronnie Chan and his brother Gerald Chan, have donated $350 million to Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). It is the largest single donation the American university has ever received since founded in 1636 Harvard University renamed the school the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. T. H. Chan, Ronnie Chan’s father, the late founder of Ha ...
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Share Thoughts on the Red Scarf
2014-9-4 15:41
Thoughts on the Red Scarf As September comes, the new semester begins.When I see the pupils wearing red scarves,my thoughts has gone far. In the near future, should I let my child wear a red scarf or not? I think, when he is very young, as a matter of fact, he definitely does not know what the red scarf means, he just does what his teacher says and follow the suit.This act indeed totally makes no sense. And can he decide whether to wear it or not by himself after he g ...
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Share My little poem Back to Embrace Nature
2014-8-20 19:00
Back to Embrace Nature by Liu5222512 That breeze,so gentle,to my face, Still sends flower scent with grace. That picturesque landscape,so charming, Where I freely enjoy my roaming. That stream,that hill, Where lies my sweet home still. Under the blue sky, Stand the green trees on the hill high. 那溪那山那边 微微的风 仍飘着花香依旧 青山绿 ...
Personal category: Feelings|1691 views|3 comments Popularity 4
Share To the Underprivileged Class
2014-7-21 13:16
To the Underprivileged Class There was a time in my life when, if I had suddenly been set in the position I now enjoy, conscience would have lain in ambush for me. What! An income sufficient to support three or four working-class families--a house all to myself--things beautiful wherever I turn--and absolutely nothing to do for it all! I should have been hard put to it to defend myself. In those days I was feelingly reminded, hour by hour, with what a ...
Personal category: Feelings|2615 views|12 comments Popularity 11
Share Today I Have Walked Far
2014-7-19 11:12
Today I Have Walked Far I am no botanist, but I have long found pleasure in herb-gathering. I love to come upon a plant which is unknown to me, to identify it with the help of my book, to greet it by name when next it shines beside my path. If the plant be rare, its discovery gives me joy. Nature, the great Artist, makes her common flowers in the common view; no word in human language can express the marvel and the loveliness even of what we call the vulgarest w ...
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Share Enjoy Exquisite Quiet
2014-7-18 16:13
Enjoy Exquisite Quiet The exquisite quiet. Oh, blessed silence! I have been sitting in utter idleness, watching the sky, viewing the shape of golden sunlight upon the carpet, which changes as the minutes pass, letting my eye wander from one framed print to another, and along the ranks of my beloved books. Within the house nothing stirs. In the garden I can hear singing of birds, I can hear the rustle of their wings. And thus, if it p ...
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Share January,Random Thoughts over the Spring Festival
2014-1-29 21:13
January,Random Thoughts over the Spring Festival The weather is nice for today,sunny. Over the years,Chinese people always have a special kind of love knot for the traditional Chinese New Year(the Spring Festival). And now it’s coming on the way,just one day away,tomorrow is the Spring Festival. Have you got a touch of it? Here, Happy Chinese New Year,wish you the year of the horse filled with happiness and good he ...
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Share My Own English Peom To the Spring Festival
2014-1-14 21:39
To the Spring Festival As an alien in an alien land, Alone I stay, Far from the motherland, During the spring festival holiday, On such days of family reunion to rejoice, More stronger than ever is homesickness, And nostalgias spontaneously arise, My relatives I doubly miss.
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Share My Translation of The Peony Pavilion
2013-11-24 23:53
My Translation of The Peony Pavilion Nowhere love arises from, And ever deeper it growth. May the dead to the living transform, And the living to death. For love, If the living is afraid to depart, Or the dead unable to be re-alive, Are people who love enough not. 情不知所起 一往情深 生者可以死,死者可以生。 生而不可与死,死而不可复生者,皆非情之至也 ...
Personal category: Feelings|9364 views|15 comments Popularity 6
Share Feeling the Heartbeat
2013-10-10 11:27
Feeling the Heartbeat Liu5222512 Recently I have a sort of feeling come across me now and then ...
Personal category: Feelings|3756 views|12 comments Popularity 7
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