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Share Prayers to Earthquake-striken People in Jiuzhaigou County
liu5222512 2017-8-9 17:56
Prayers to Earthquake-striken People in Jiuzhaigou County Posted on August 9,2017 Hi, everyone, Two powerful earthquakes have struck China, the first was in Jiuzhaigou(in the southwestern Sichuan province) hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake at 9:19 pm. on Tuesday, the epicenter was at a depth of 20 kilometers in Jiuzhaigou, as of Wednesday, 13:10 pm., 19 killed-including 5 tourists, 247 injured-including 40 seriously. The seco ...
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Share Who Killed Li Wenxing?-The World Outside Ivory Tower Is Complex
liu5222512 2017-8-7 16:49
Who Killed Li Wenxing?-The World Outside Ivory Tower Is Complex
Who Killed Li Wenxing? - The World Outside Ivory Tower Is Complex Posted on August 7, 2017 Hi, everyone, I write to you in sorrow over the shocking death of Li that has struck the nation. And it has taken me some days to catch my breath and even know what to say. We are all horrified and grief stricken for his parents who lost their loved son. And it is a terrifying experience they will long remember, and it isn’t over yet. It i ...
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Share Essay: My Baby I
liu5222512 2017-7-20 16:40
Essay: My Baby (1) Posted on July 20, 2017 Hi, everyone: In the early morning, at just six oclock, I was awake, and the weather was somewhat hot and abnormal in the early summer, there was a hotness in the air that suggested rain. With the hot and humid air, I could not fall asleep again, rose and dressed myself, went to the bathroom and took a shower, now felt much better---fresh and ivigorating again. At the present, it was ...
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Share Do OUR own part well, then wait...
liu5222512 2017-6-28 18:31
Do OUR own part well, then wait... Posted on June 28,2017 We all need to remember at times that miracles DO happen, and sometimes the littlest blessing can turn out to be a big one, and just what we needed. There are always challenges we all are obliged to face—-and the things that frighten, sadden, and discourage us at times, whether the loss of a loved one, or a disappointment of some kind. We ALL always find ourselves i ...
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Share My Baby’s Jelly Fell Down on the Floor
liu5222512 2017-6-6 19:09
My Baby’s Jelly Fell Down on the Floor
My Baby’s Jelly Fell Down on the Floor (There was a simple table in the midde of our drawing room, surrounded by a green sofa, my little baby sat on it, with his barefeet hanging down naturally, on the table was a garbage-box, and there was a red strawberry-flavored jelly in it, for the jelly is dirty now.) My baby’s jelly fell down on the floor, all at once, he burst into tears. That broke his heart, and he feel very sad, cr ...
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Share What Chinese Civilization We Should Rejuvenate?
liu5222512 2014-9-22 17:48
What Chinese Civilization We Should Rejuvenate? Ⅰ Life is short but a span, just dozens of years, it might have been funny, but in reality, as a matter of fact, lives of a great number of people are meaningless, and there is no joy for them. As for why do I suddenly define the colorful life as an existence of boredom, more of a chore than a pleasure, that will be a long story. But thinking of that not many people actually like reading long articles nowadays, in case ...
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Share Talk of Suicide Ⅱ
liu5222512 2014-9-15 16:34
Talk of Suicide Ⅱ Here attached a suicide note: A Farewell to My Dear Mom ‘I think it over and over, I really do. This world is a pool of backwater of despair, no matter what I do, I can not get my dream come ture, all my efforts is always under the vested interested groups' foot, all my persistence and struggle is hard to move forward one step to achieve my dream. To those indifferent and cold people, thank you for despising me before, I finally make such a ...
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Share Talk of Suicide Ⅰ
liu5222512 2014-9-12 23:45
Talk of Suicide Ⅰ September, 10th, is World Suicide Prevention Day, and 10th, September, 2003 was named the first WSPD by the World Health Organizaiton. Suicide is the product of human development. Suicidalbehavior is an exclusive strange manner of death for human beings. It is an act to end one’s life by the dead himself/herself, who know the consequence that this negative behavior will bring. So it is a conscious behavior. Sin ...
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Share Hard Decision to Make for Teachers Ⅱ
liu5222512 2014-9-8 22:48
Is Receiving-gifts a Corrupt Act for Teachers? Part Ⅱ I am quite skeptical of his story, I want to know why the teacher has not been awarding his child the honorary title. According to what I have learned, only through a serial of comprehensive assessments, can the title be decided. There are always around 70 students in one class, while only about 5 students can get the title. So there is no feasible criterion or practical way to get this done. For the academic rec ...
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Share Is Receiving-gifts a Corrupt Act for Teachers? Ⅰ
liu5222512 2014-9-6 15:50
Is Receiving-gifts a Corrupt Act for Teachers? Part Ⅰ Today I chatted with my colleague. ‘Have you ever send some gifts to your child’s teacher’, He asked me a question ‘Never once.’ I answered firmly. Then I spoke highly of the school principle’s management skill in this field. First, in his speech on the school opening day he declared that he would do his best to stop parents from sending gifts to teachers. Afterward, he told a story of gift-giv ...
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