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Share Think of Celebrity’s Sex Scandal
liu5222512 2014-9-17 23:31
Think of Celebrity’s Sex Scandal Award-winning film director Wang Quan'an was detained last week on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute, Legal Evening News reported on Monday, Septempber 15, 2014. Wang, a 48-year-old Shaanxi native, was caught having sex with an alleged prostitute, a 31-year-old from Heilongjiang province, on Sept 10 in an apartment in Dongcheng district in Beijing. If you were a public figure, you should take more social resp ...
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Share Think of Zhao Baige’s stepping-down
liu5222512 2014-9-3 16:24
Think of Zhao Baige’s stepping-down Zhao Baige ,has stepped down as the executive vice-president or secretary of the Party Committee of the Red Cross Society of China, according to the latest news. I, just heard of that, and never see her personally, just have a little impression of her photos in news, feel not good with a fat, fierce-looking and hard-featured face. And I am always not in favor of officials with such swollen appearance, which often ...
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Share Dongguan -Thinking of The Crackdown on Prostitution
liu5222512 2014-2-12 23:31
Thinking of The Crackdown on Prostitution in Dongguan Part Ⅰ On Feb 9, 2014,Sunday night,an anti-prostitution campaign, which involved 6,525 police officers, was launched by police in Dongguan, a city of Guangdong province in southern part of China. As of Monday morning, 12 entertainment venues offering sexual services had been shut down and 67 people involved in sex trade were arrested and investigated, according to the Dongguan municipal public security bur ...
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