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Share MY rewrite No.7
2013-9-19 16:14
MY rewrite No. of Cross the River and Sea Original by snowipine 1.After thousand miles land trekking thousands of miles' trekking. 2.Here pops up rive and sea river 3.Stay on bank or brave the wind and wave? linger on the bank to brave...? 4.Here is no one doesn’t bearing the mindset of wary caution bear 5.No one wants to risk life and cozy lives to foray into the wild world. explore into the wild world. 6.But curious heart can’t hold up the hot lure anymore hold up the grea ...
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Share MY rewrite No.6
2013-9-18 17:47
MY rewrite No. of Gifts and Blessings from Mount Yuelu Original by Zhang Shaoxiong 1.On a September Sunday morning, hotter than warm and cooler than hot, Cozily warm and pleasantly cool,it’s a good time for sightseeing. 2. and tourists from different corners of China and of the world. We prefer the wild theatres in the depth of the woods, far from the madding crowds, where we can ramble at leisure. from different corners of China and the world. We prefer the open air ...
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Share MY rewrite No. 5
2013-9-16 23:50
MY rewrite No.5 of I earned a slap on the face Original by snowipine 1.and then I opened up my PC, I viewed friend’s messages and the greeting alters sent out by the dear editors. Turned on my pc,I browsed, Friends’ messages 3.came from one my new friend-would be, who we just met through our platform last night, we merely greeted each other with simple friendly gestures. One would-be friend,whom we just … Simple words 4.The signs of his messages just l ...
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Share MY rewrite No.4
2013-9-16 17:36
MY rewrite No. of My good neighbor Original by KristaChen 1.My husband is temporary jobless My husband temporarily unemployed. order to take care of his emotion, in order to=for purpose of,on behalf of 3.Now, it put me into a dilemma of whether or not to return to my parents. It pushes me into... return to my parents’ 4.I actually love her eyes of fashion Appreciate her eye for fashion ...
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Share MY rewrite No.3
2013-9-16 14:12
MY rewrite No.3 of Advices to My Foreign Friend Original by snowipine 1.(Note: For the sake of respect and safety, here I don’t mention her name, the city name here omitted too.) considering respecting the privacy of my friend,here,please allow me to anonymize his name and the city where he lives now. 2.On the question of you mentioned previously, that you frequently encountered some bad guys who made unpleasant harassment to you recently, which you are b ...
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Share My rewrite NO.2
2013-9-16 11:15
My rewrite NO.2 of The top thing list in life list Original by 槿↖(^ω^)↗ 1.The top thing list in life list The top priority in daily schedule my apprecation for your encourage. Encouragement 3. all kinds of people with various life and mental attitude Various aspects of life Different ways of life Different lifestyle Mental status 4. It's a new challenge to me to write some thing of my life in English,and it's worthwhile to execute day by day. Do so ...
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Share My rewrite NO.1
2013-9-16 11:08
My rewrite NO.1 of Autumn- time to repay my beloved ones Original by 1.what's worse,can't control mymood at all. what's worse,my emotion is totally out of control. 2.I try my best to control and adjust myself, Control=restrain 3.On my way to and back from work every day, On my way back and forth to work every day, 4.i always think and imagine a lot. I think of the time i had with my best friends in Shanghai last year. A variety of thoughts come to my ...
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