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Share Russia Plans Permanent Naval Base In Syria
2016-10-10 19:34
Russia Plans Permanent Naval Base In Syria 10 October 2016. Russia is planning to keep and expand its supply base in Syria into a fully-fledged permanent naval base. The facility located in the port city Tartus has long been used to resupply Russian warships during Mediterranean Sea missions. The Russian Deputy Defence Minister General Nikolay Pankov said: "We are going to have a permanent Navy base in Tartus. We have prepared the paperwork, which is now being review ...
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Share Fifteen Years Into the Afghan War, Do Americans Know the Truth?
2016-10-10 16:22
Fifteen Years Into the Afghan War, Do Americans Know the Truth? 10 October 2016. Last week marked the fifteenth anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan, the longest war in US history. There weren't any victory parades or photo-ops with Afghanistan's post-liberation leaders. That is because the war is ongoing. In fact, 15 years after launching a war against Afghanistan's Taliban government in retaliation for an attack by Saudi-backed al-Qaeda, the US-backed forces are s ...
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Share Russia Deploys Nuclear-Capable Iskander-M Missiles To Kaliningrad
2016-10-10 01:01
Russia Deploys Nuclear-Capable Iskander-M Missiles To Kaliningrad 08 October 2016. The United States believes that Russia has moved powerful nuclear-capable ballistic missiles into Kaliningrad, a region along the Baltic coast bordering Poland and Lithuania, Reuters reports Saturday. According to Reuters, citing an unnamed source in U.S. intelligence, Russia has deployed nuclear-capable Iskander-M ballistic missile systems in Kaliningrad region. kaliningrad South Fron ...
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Share Russia Vetoes UN Proposal To End ISIS Fight in Syria
2016-10-10 00:44
Russia Vetoes UN Proposal To End ISIS Fight in Syria 09 October 2016. Russia has condemned the UN and Western governments for attempting to thwart their attempts at defeating ISIS in Syria, vetoing a UN Security Council proposal to end fighting. Russia vetoed a French-drafted resolution that would have ended air strikes against key ISIS strongholds in Aleppo. reports: It is the fifth time Russia has vetoed a UN resolution on Syria during the m ...
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Share Clashes underway as Taliban try to capture Farah City
2016-10-10 00:23
Clashes underway as Taliban try to capture Farah City 09 October 2016. Fierce fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban insurgents is underway in western Farah province, in which some areas have fallen to the Taliban, officials and residents said on Sunday. Mohammad Daud Aram, head of the youth affairs department and resident of Bagh Pul, said the Taliban overran the Nawbahar and Berang Toot neighborhoods Saturday night. Nawbahar is situated 12 kilom ...
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Share U.S. pays Afghanistan for soldiers who do not exist
2016-10-9 17:38
U.S. pays Afghanistan for soldiers who do not exist 08 October 2016. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) is seeking information from the Pentagon on discrepancies found in the $68 billion in funding between 2002 and now. SIGAR is particularly concerned about the apparent funding of "ghost soldiers" who do not actually exist. Higher ranking military personnel are claimed to have added names to lists of personnel who do not actually exist a ...
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Share Afghan army helicopter shot down in north of Afghanistan
2016-10-9 17:22
Afghan army helicopter shot down in north of Afghanistan 09 October 2016. A helicopter of the Afghan National Army (ANA) forces was shot down by the Taliban militants in northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan. Local officials in Baghlan have said the helicopter was shot down as it was trying to provide logistics support to the ground forces in Dand-e-Ghori, close to the provincial capitalof Pul-e-Khumri city. The officials further added that the check post to which ...
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Share U.S. Using Terrorism To Topple Governments
2016-10-9 02:03
U.S. Using Terrorism To Topple Governments 08 October 2016. The U.S. are using terrorist groups to conduct regime change according to Mike Harris editor of the Veterans Today online journal. The idea was first broached by Wesley Clark, a former presidential candidate and retired US Army general, who said in 2007 that wars were planned to 'take out' 7 countries in 5 years… He told Press TV: "They're running late, but they're still on track" to oust more govern ...
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Share 60 policemen defect to Taliban in Badghis
2016-10-9 01:49
60 policemen defect to Taliban in Badghis 08 October 2016. Sixty border police have surrendered to the Taliban insurgents in western Badghis province, an official said on Saturday. The event took place Friday night in the Marchaq area of Bala Murghab district, Gen. Juma Khan Adil, commander of the 705th Border Police Zone said. However, provincial council member Farid Akhizai told Pajhwok Afghan News 67 border police members surrendered to the Taliban in Bala Murghab ...
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Share Russia to Restore Military Bases in Cuba, Vietnam as War with US Looms
2016-10-8 19:38
Russia to Restore Military Bases in Cuba, Vietnam as War with US Looms 08 October 2016. President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian military bases in Cuba and Vietnam to be re-opened amid escalating tension between the US and Russia. Russia plans to restore the bases that had served a pivotal role in protecting the Soviet global military power during the Cold War. reports: In 2001, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military to pull ...
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Year of the Dragon starts on 23 January 2012. People born under the Dragon are passionate, brave and self-assured. At their best they are pioneering spirits; at their worst, they epitomize the old adage: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Dragons are generous with their resources, a tendency that at its most negative can reflect a foolhardy attitude towards money. But Dragons in general are blessed with good fortune. They are smart, enterprising and have a wicked sense of humor. They have a natural flair for fashion and are the people to consult if you want to catch up on the latest trends. This Chinese New Year 2012 ushers in the Water Dragon. Water exerts a calming influence on the Dragon’s innate fire. Water Dragons are more open to other people’s opinions than other Dragons which gives them the ability to channel their personal charisma into real leadership qualities. The Dragon and Love Dragons are passionate. They fall in love quickly – and out of love just as quickly. Their charisma and charm is an immense draw to people of the opposite sex whose attention and admiration they crave. Though they have a tendency to treat love like a game, they can settle down when they meet the right partner, someone who’s strong enough not to be bowled over by the Dragon’s flamboyant, independent and stubborn personality. The Dragon’s ideal partners are the Rat, the Monkey, and the Rooster: The Rat is practical, observant and resourceful, able to help the Dragon when extravagant promises have backed the Dragon into a corner. The Monkey is just as popular as the Dragon, curious, intellectual and fun-loving, one of the few personalities the Dragon doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with. The Rooster can give the Dragon a run for the money on the fashion-forward front; attractive, well-groomed, fiercely loyal and committed to honesty, the Rooster serves as the Dragon’s reality check, keeping the Dragon from making promises that he or she can’t keep. The Dragon and Wealth Dragon years are lucky for anyone thinking of starting a business or initiating a new project of any sort because money is easier to come by for everyone, whether it’s earned, borrowed or received as a gift. Consequently we can expect the economic downturn to ease up a bit in the coming year. Fortunes can be made but they can also be lost: Keep in mind like all good things, the Year of the Dragon will come to an end and you will be held accountable for unreasonable extravagances. Dragons do well in professions that give them the ability to function somewhat autonomously. They make excellent sales people, publicists, political campaigners, lawyers, real estate brokers, actors and politicians. Yes, that's me.

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