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The Nazis Refuse to release control of the Internet China & World 2 2497 weilong 2005-7-6 02:20:21
  not a big problem. chinese network is ruling. 宽天下。 guess that from the point of view of most ch ...
The European Union is dead, but long live an European Federation China & World 3 5001 williamchao 2005-6-23 06:53:58
  is a new understanding of china the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM
Mugabe plays the great leader as he bulldozes thousands of homes World Affairs 4 3331 christopher_104 2005-7-2 05:26:22
  yah i've seen zimbabwe. this guy should have called it a day a few years ago. then he'd still be a ...
China in 2040 — Leading the World? ... 1 2 China Watch 9 4976 greendragon 2005-6-27 11:39:18
  just give it some more time. what is ought to come will come. the rule of the wheel - the balance ...
China a copycat China & World 5 4493 weilong 2005-6-2 19:25:31
  maybe some people don’t even believe in copyright. safe aspirin is safe aspirin. why pay horrendo ...
i hope zhongguo doesnt fall into the damn trap China & World 3 3167 weilong 2005-6-2 18:25:23
  It is too late. The Wheel has already turned. The Americans will not be able to achieve this. The Ma ...
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