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what is difference between friendship and love ? can any body explain in its tru ... 1 2 Friendship, Love, Relationships 7 3529 ponny999 2005-8-10 01:53:05
  hi friends very few of u have expressed your views on the u know specically the human life ...
who can help me? ... 1 2 Friendship, Love, Relationships 9 2982 ddsssdd 2005-9-20 14:55:27
  Sorry to say that concept of house wife is diminished in China.If you want to lead a happy life you ...
I will always love you... Attachments ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 .. 46 Friendship, Love, Relationships 315 70736 bbsnlg 2005-12-6 16:15:58
  Hi All of you have described love in a very nice manner . In my opinion it is a state of mind which ...
Look for the real friend sincerely Practical English 实用英语 2 2255 breezechen 2005-7-10 17:15:20
  i am interested in making friends who or chinese origin because i am interested in learning chinese ...
I am a student and looking for foreigner to improve my English Practical English 实用英语 1 1452 ponny999 2005-6-5 16:54:41
  Dear Mantis My name is Nasir I am intersted in making friends from china. This is why i am learning ...
a lovely girl want to make friends with people from all over the world ... 1 2 Practical English 实用英语 8 2657 emma_sun 2005-5-24 18:33:13
  hi how are you .I am a mechanical engineer residing in Lahore Pakistan. I am very keen to know about ...
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