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Share Food from restaurant
2013-6-15 16:36
Food from restaurant
Some snack type of food cant be prepared at home.So everybody buy it and eat often. Here are some pics which we buy when a guest suddenly arrived at home. Jali kebab made of minced beef,lentil,wheat powder,curry powder,salt,green chilli,oil for fry. See how the kebab is marinate with egg liquid stuff. Its extreamly tasty and made throughout Bangladesh,India and Pakistan.In west India and Pakistan the tas ...
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Share Dry fish bhuna
2013-6-15 16:03
Dry fish bhuna
Dry fish is poplar in the Southern China and HKG.We have lot of dry fish export to HKG and Europe. There are many recipe about dry fish.I don't like for its smell(terrible).But I am in the first queue if it is done with heavy spices.Its good with rice only. Lets see how we do it. Cut dry fishes into small pieces and stire it in a pan until it get change its color.Wash them immidietly with clean water. Onion,garlic,small portion of ginger,turmeric powder,chilli powder(bit more).cumin powder ...
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Share Small fish.
2013-6-15 14:25
Small fish.
Small fishes are heart friendly and a huge demand gradually grown in our country.In local it called gura macch or kachki maach. The procedure are very simple as shown. Please follow the picture.
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Share Hilsha fish
2013-6-15 14:13
Hilsha fish
Hilsha is an extraordinary fish with higher taste but with lot of small bones. Here I wanted to show only the picture of fish and cooked ones in a plate. Use usual oil,onion,salt,turmeric powder and green chilli. Don't use anything to spoil the real taste of hilsha.
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Share Vegetables
2013-6-15 13:26
Esculent root and top part is edible with high calcium.(see pic) Pieces the top part and boil without any water.It take hours to dry and reduce by 90%. Use a big spoon to smash it.Put some lemon leaf or lemon grass in it to give you an excellent flavor. When completely dried.In a separate pot add oil and put small shrimp,onion,some garlic,whole red chilli and apply appropriate salt then add those stuff in and stire it in dim flame for sometime.The more you cook it the more taste you may avai ...
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Share Egg curry
2013-6-15 13:05
Egg curry
Boil eggs and throw the shell. Mix the egg with turmeric n chilli powder,salt. Hot the pan and put oil.Tenderly fry the eggs until it become dark brown. Again put some sliced onion (as much as you like),ginger,garlic,curry poweder,turmeric n chillipowder. Stir it in hot oils.pour some water and put the eggs in it.put cumin powder,salt and green chilli in it. If you like coriander leaf put it before finish cooking. ...
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Share Chicken fry
2013-6-14 16:27
Chicken fry
One of the most easy item but we take very often.Mostly we follow Chinese style but today I have decided to stick in our method. Few pieces of chicken with soy sauce,salt,peeper,egg,corn flour.Stire it and put one by by one in hot oil for a deep fry.Some potato slice may be added for a French fry. Enjoy.
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Share Mixed vegetable
2013-6-14 16:15
Mixed vegetable
Look at those carrot,sweet pumpkin,beans,kitchen vegetable. Slice onion,garlic,green chilli and start cook as shown in the picture.For more taste you may add some soy sauce in it.
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Share Fish fry
2013-6-14 13:33
Fish fry
Mix turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt and keep some times to be marinated. Warm your pot and pour oil .Let the oil be hot and then put the fishes in it.Reduce the flame.Mind you don't fry it in a deep fry mode rather fry on less oil.Change the fish on other side and you may understand when you should apply some coriander leaf slices on the fish. Serve warm.
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Share Curry beef
2013-6-14 12:59
Curry beef
Curry beef Beef 1 kg.curry powder,turmeric powder,chilli powder,garlic paste 1 teaspoon,ginger paste 2 tea spoon.cummin powder.Potato-as you wish.If curry powder consist of turmeric and chilli then avoid additional adding bcs curry powder usually consist of scented spices made from 5 items cinnamon,cardamom,cloves,mace,nutmeg. Follow the picture as it time one hour but in a pressure cooker need 7 to 8 whistle. &nb ...
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    Have you ever seen the old Russian video of dogs head that is sort of alive with no body?

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