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Share Mixed vegetable
2013-6-14 16:15
Mixed vegetable
Look at those carrot,sweet pumpkin,beans,kitchen vegetable. Slice onion,garlic,green chilli and start cook as shown in the picture.For more taste you may add some soy sauce in it.
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Share Fish fry
2013-6-14 13:33
Fish fry
Mix turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt and keep some times to be marinated. Warm your pot and pour oil .Let the oil be hot and then put the fishes in it.Reduce the flame.Mind you don't fry it in a deep fry mode rather fry on less oil.Change the fish on other side and you may understand when you should apply some coriander leaf slices on the fish. Serve warm.
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Share Curry beef
2013-6-14 12:59
Curry beef
Curry beef Beef 1 kg.curry powder,turmeric powder,chilli powder,garlic paste 1 teaspoon,ginger paste 2 tea spoon.cummin powder.Potato-as you wish.If curry powder consist of turmeric and chilli then avoid additional adding bcs curry powder usually consist of scented spices made from 5 items cinnamon,cardamom,cloves,mace,nutmeg. Follow the picture as it time one hour but in a pressure cooker need 7 to 8 whistle. &nb ...
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Share Our breakfast
2013-6-14 11:28
Our breakfast
Egg fry,Bing or chapatti,papaya and potato fry,mango shake and sweetmeat made of posset.
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Share Chicken and vegetable
2013-6-13 14:39
Chicken and vegetable
Boil the chicken and ready the veg seen in the picture. Follow the images chronogically.
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Share Fish with vegetable
2013-6-13 14:22
Fish with vegetable
Fish with vegetable Fry the soysauce marinated fish and gradually add the onion,garlic,red chilli,green chilli in hot oil.Add some dark soy sauce and finally add fried fish in the pot. Your dish is ready.
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Share Chicken Biriani
2013-6-13 12:28
Chicken Biriani
Chicken Biriani Widely eaten in the southeast asian people. Scented rice 600gm.plain yogurt 200gm.Biriany spices or peeper two teaspoon.salt as usual.sliced onion half kg.ginger and garlic paste two teaspoon each.coll leaf 4/5pc.chicken 1 kg with bone. mint paste,green chilli paste40 gram together. oil or butter,as you prefer but not more than 50 gram. dried grape 20 gm.almond grated 50 gm.potato fried 150 gm. Cummin powder 20 gm. ...
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Share For hungry people-1
2013-5-16 11:35
Salad Nicoise O r as the French would write it "salade niçoise". The cedila under the "c" makes it a soft "c" (like the first "c" in circus). Nice, as you know, is that famous ritzy vacation spot on the Cote d'Azur on the Southern French Riviera. In the summer heat you can sit in one of many beach front restaurant, relax and turn a salad nicoise into an enjoyable l ...
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  • World’s First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in 2017 2017-3-13 19:55

    HailChina!: Have you ever seen the old Russian video of dogs head that is sort of alive with no body?

    I am excited about this because if we can replace our bodi ...
    Agreed man.

  • World’s First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in 2017 2017-3-11 06:25

    Have you ever seen the old Russian video of dogs head that is sort of alive with no body?

    I am excited about this because if we can replace our bodies then we can extend our lives and this kind of thing could lead to something close to immortality maybe. It would be good if the brain could be transplanted into a new body. We could grow clone replacement bodies and then just put the brain in when the body we are using gets old.

    I want a new body and I would also like a new head. A better looking one.

    I finished the first Metal Gear Solid on the playstation.

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