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Share World’s First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in 2017
aziz 2017-3-10 21:02
World’s First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in 2017
Italian neurosurgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero is firm on his promise to deliver the first human head transplant to the world. He says a Chinese man will be the first patient in 2017, and now all he needs is approval and funding. Other experts are highly skeptical.No Backing Out Last year, Dr. Sergio Canavero created quite theruckus (to put it mildly) when he vowed to be the first person to transplant a human head onto a deceased donor’s body. Yes, he is planning on attempting th ...
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Share Alicia Tormey
aziz 2017-2-9 00:21
Alicia Tormey
Alicia Tormey is a wonderful mixed media artist that works with encaustics. Encaustic involves blending paint with bees wax. To develop her work she uses a blowtorch and carving tools and puts much work and detail into each layer of work. Tormey was born the midwest United States in the mid 1960s. A link to the website of Alicia Tormey: She enjoys painting the feeling of landscape, but leaves much information out of the picture and starts ...
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Share Nangeli and the breast tax
aziz 2016-6-21 19:34
Nangeli and the breast tax
Many books and histories have been written about caste oppression in Kerala and the men and women who fought the injustice. Yet the story of one woman’s protest has almost faded away from the collective memory of the State. Nangeli, who lived in Cherthala in Alappuzha over 200 years ago, gained her place in history as the woman who cut off her breasts to protest against the inhuman mulakkaram the breast tax that was imposed in the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore. ...
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Share Enormous Monument Over 2,000 Years Old Discovered in Petra
aziz 2016-6-15 14:31
Enormous Monument Over 2,000 Years Old Discovered in Petra
Archaeologists in Jordan have made an incredible find at the World Heritage site of Petra. A massive ceremonial platform measuring 184ft (56m) by 161ft (49m), which ‘has no parallels’ in the ancient city, was discovered just half a mile from the city center using high-tech satellite scanners. The National Geographic reports that the discovery was made following high-resolution satellite scans, aerial drone photography and ground surveys, which identified the ancient monument h ...
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Share Berkeley Doctor Claims People Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer
aziz 2016-6-13 14:10
Berkeley Doctor Claims People Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer
People who refuse chemotherapy treatment live on average 12 and a half years longer than people who undergo chemotherapy, says Dr. Jones. According to recent statistics, approximately 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetimes. This saddening reality is made worse when it is acknowledged that modern methods of ‘treating’ the disease are often ineffective and only make the symptoms of the disease worse. In fact, according to one Ber ...
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Share Our sweetmeat
aziz 2016-6-12 13:18
Our sweetmeat
This year the muslim fasting time is hard because of hot weather.At the same time the month is famous for its fruits like varieties kind of mango,lichi,jack fruit, small pineapple, guava,banana etc.The period bring plenty of vegetable in the market.But this year the sky become kind to those who fast.Lot of rain make it cool.Last night I covered my body with thin blanket or handmade quilt.Among of hundred kind of food the special is sweetmeat made of milk.Today I want to share ...
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Share 5 Scientists Died Mysteriously After Making These Major Discoveries
aziz 2016-6-7 22:43
Okay, say you’re the leader of a country and a few scientists discover something that could change the world. You could bribe the researchers to keep their mouths shut, but wouldn’t it be easier just to kill them? I’m not saying that this happens a lot, but there has definitely been some shadiness afoot over the years. Let’s take a look at five eyebrow-raising cases of scientists dying after making important discoveries. 1. GEC-MARCONI SCIENTISTS Back in the ’80s, ...
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Share The lonely night time in Beijing
aziz 2014-8-31 14:18
The rooftop bar time is over on friendship hotel in haidian.We three stay sometime and continue our political and social discussion since we started at 6 pm.Its now 11.15 and the bar boys are busy to close their arrangement. Finally they knock on our table.We getup and collect some more Beijing beer bottle.Since evening few hundred student from qinghua,Beida and expert living in the premises came to this open sky bar and stay sometime.Its the summer holiday in 1983.I am still in language i ...
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Share One Way to Beijing- part-2
aziz 2014-8-25 23:54
In the morning we rush to the checking counter shown yesterday.There are passenger already in the line.After hour we comes to face the counterman.But he refuse us to take our luggage though another staff already tag it.Surprise! He asked us to contact the CAAC office opposite pointing his finger.Yeah, its there an woman sitting on.She watch the ticket and show us the o/r mean on request.We are not confirmed passenger so we have to keep us in waiting.Alas this is the only flight go to Be ...
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Share One way To Beijing
aziz 2014-8-5 14:09
Part-01 3 am early morning of 11th september 1982. I am standing on the over bridge attached to Bangkok airport. On the evening of 10th September we three travelled by Thai Airways to Bangkok from Dhaka. Bebool went to airlines care to Bangkok city to spend his night.Our ticket was not entitled for a hotel.What a joke !We planned to go by Thai bus for a night.Sayeed told me “its expensive in a hotel,better we stay in the airport loun ...
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