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One Way to Beijing- part-2

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In the morning we rush to the checking counter shown yesterday.There are passenger already in the line.After hour we comes to face the counterman.But he refuse us to take our luggage though another staff already tag it.Surprise! He asked us to contact the CAAC office opposite pointing his finger.Yeah, its there an woman sitting on.She watch the ticket and show us the o/r mean on request.We are not confirmed passenger so we have to keep us in waiting.Alas this is the only flight go to Beijing once in a day.

Finally the counterman start calling name watching a log book. There are five seats available and logbook listed five passenger get a chance. A case of broken heart.We are surrounded by a deep frustration. We take sit nearby and watch these tickets carefully.DAC-BKK-HKG are written okey.HKG-PEK is o/r.But why this is o/r?We start scolding travel agents mother , father alongwith 14 ancestors.

After the counter been freed sayeed advanced there and start talking to some staff.He come back and say the log book for passenger in waiting just kept next to the counter.The kindman asked sayeed to come early morning and enlist our name.

What an idea!!

We regained our strength and deposit our luggage again.None of us taken  breakfast.Its noon and rats are jumping inside the stomach.We appear before a buildings ground floor some pictures of curry can be seen.Three of us feel ashamed to get in.Sayeed become angry and enter there.Soon he comeback and said two curry and rice in a packet cost 10HKD.

Wonderful !

This is a small fastfood  corner.Few bar like stool there to sit.We take rice and curry with great taste.The curry was Indian type.Such a small place arranged cook and eat food for four people.Outside are the counter for takaway.Its a traiangular shape of building and they can use both side for business.We are sitting inside in a  very tiny lane.

I don’t feel good until we board in a Beijing bound aircraft.We start moving to watch the shops inside the airport.Most attractive are the liquor shop. Chocolate ,dryfood,dresses,flowers and many more.All are neat and clean and the lighting are excellent as I see first time.So many people are sitting in the sitting area throughout the boarding area.So many counter in different line for different airline.And conveyor belt are taking the luggage’s to the underground.How they manage the different luggage for different destination?Taxis are coming and dropping the passengers at the bay.Atleast 50 to 60 taxis can park in a line and after dropping they are moving to ground floor pickup the incoming passengers. Most important is no driver is asking the passenger for the destination.May be it will be expressed in the taxi. Traffic police working hard and none of a single driver violating the law.I took hours to watch the matter deeply.There are many couple embracing each other for hours.May be one of them will leave HongKong for overseas location.Some girls are crying and the youth carefully using tissues to wipe girls tears.Girls looks small in height so the boy or youth.Actually they are adult too.But this things are something new to  me.In our country loving youth never dare to do it.

Around four in the afternoon I propose them to let move in those areas where electronics items are available.We comes out and stand the nearest bus stoppage.Like a FOOL we look at the buses comes and go.The front door is for up and rear one is for down.The buses with many numbers but the destination are written in Chinese.We don’t know nothing about HongKong.I approached to a man was waiting for bus in a queue.He laugh at me and wave his hand showing that he don’t know anything.

Next another man can speak some English,WOW!

I told him we want to go to a electronics market!

He answered “I don’t know”.

Wow this is good he know some-----.

I want to buy walkman.Then I display one cassette from my pocket,show my waist,then showing a earphone and singing la la la!

But it didn’t work much------!

Reply again “I donno “.

Sayeed and Bebool were in a distance and laughing crazily.

I failed but thanked the man.

Now I start watching every face waiting in queues to discover and guess who can be helpful for my purpose.

I catch another and ask him do you speak English?As I already learn everyone here can’t speak English!

Shook his head mean no!

One philosopher advised failed once try hundred time.Inspiring word indeed.

Next one agreed and I start replay my last action.He said’DISCO’?

I said no no, it’s a player,walkman, put here,and wire to ear and myself start dancing.

He said ‘sorry’.

I feel like an orphan.

Both of my partners continuously laughing but not me.

May god bless on us!!!

Now I find someone and while talking with him a bus painted with a big walkman on the body bless me ------ask him where this item can be purchased?

He said wait!

Then after 5 minutes he waive his hand ask us to get on a bus just arrive.I show him the driver and ask him to tell about us.He told the driver something loudly.The driver raise his left hand to assure the man.We didn’t know there is a coin box near the driver.Sayeed noticed two of us.The bus is on the run and we took our money and coin on palm and spread in front of the driver.Next is a traffic light.The bus stopped in the red light and took his desired coins and show us the seats.

We are looking both sides of the road without any blink.Its about ten minutes I found electronics shop on the both side of the road.So many people are roaming on the footpath.

Now I start laughing like a winners laugh.They also join me to share.We are ready to getdown but the driver waive his hand not to.Well next stoppage he clear the signal and from middle door we jump from the bus.  

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Thanks for sharing here and we have highlighted your blog.
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Nice travel Memoirs
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Sounds frustrating...  

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