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Share One Way to Beijing- part-2
aziz 2014-8-25 23:54
In the morning we rush to the checking counter shown yesterday.There are passenger already in the line.After hour we comes to face the counterman.But he refuse us to take our luggage though another staff already tag it.Surprise! He asked us to contact the CAAC office opposite pointing his finger.Yeah, its there an woman sitting on.She watch the ticket and show us the o/r mean on request.We are not confirmed passenger so we have to keep us in waiting.Alas this is the only flight go to Be ...
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Share One way To Beijing
aziz 2014-8-5 14:09
Part-01 3 am early morning of 11th september 1982. I am standing on the over bridge attached to Bangkok airport. On the evening of 10th September we three travelled by Thai Airways to Bangkok from Dhaka. Bebool went to airlines care to Bangkok city to spend his night.Our ticket was not entitled for a hotel.What a joke !We planned to go by Thai bus for a night.Sayeed told me “its expensive in a hotel,better we stay in the airport loun ...
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Share Rent a courtyard
aziz 2014-7-13 16:29
Rent a courtyard
We directly move towards Sichuan provincial museum rather go for a hotel because the Chongqing train is in the evening.We put our luggage in the front reception office because we are now tagged as guest of ministry of education and culture.We start moving with the curator of the museum.He shows us some important collection of sculpture.Its okey but very ordinary. Slowly we moved to a big hall full with clay model, life size.I stunned and speechless ...
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Share Unforgettable tasty food
aziz 2014-7-12 18:36
I couldn’t locate others in the hundreds of stair in Maijishan.Once I found Amuzu and ask him to roundup other four.The lunch time is over.The teacher told me he managed the staff canteen and we will take some food whatever available.We will take a good dinner in Tianshui.After done half an hour hard job I managed mating,kumayu,mihindu,amuzu and me as well. The canteen is under the mountain of Maijishan and next part.Maijishan is famous for its Buddha sculpture.A tarpaulin shed is ...
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