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Share The cold wave and Bangladesh
2012-12-29 13:34
The cold wave and Bangladesh
Once upon a time the winter was the most pleasant time in Bangladesh.The tempareture from 10c. to 20 c was really pleasant.Many kind of vegetable were in the market give a different taste to our appetite.Dates juice and rice cake was a must in our culture.Wearing a sweter or shawl was good enough to protect someones cold feeling.I lived in Beijing for decades and felt whats called winter.Like Beijing we don’t have heating system. ...
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Share City-wide recycling scheme launched as part of legacy project
2012-11-29 00:14
Paper, aluminium cans and plastic can now be recycled in Qatar thanks to a COP18/CMP8 Doha legacy project. The first bulk recycling unit has been set up in the city centre, opposite the Ministry of Environment. The ambition is for the pilot scheme to be rolled out to become a nationwide programme. As part of the launch, staff at the Ministry of Environment received information as part of a programme called Train the Trainer, to encourage recycling champions their employees. ...
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Share Climate change
2012-1-6 23:26
Climate change
The planet's temperature is rising at an accelerated pace that most scientists say is due to man-made factors. They predict global warming will lead to rising sea levels and more extreme weather, including droughts, floods and storms. Growing weather and climate hazards increase the risk of disasters and threaten food and water supplies across the world - especially in the poorest countries. Whole communities could be forced to find new homes as their living environments are submerged or can n ...
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2011-12-11 14:42
Mangrove "swamps" are found in tropical and subtropical tidal areas. Areas where mangals occur include estuaries and marine shorelines. The intertidal existence to which these trees are adapted repesents the major limitation to the number of species able to thrive in their habitat. High tide brings in salt water, and when the tide recedes, solar evaporation of the seawater in the soil leads to further increases in salinity. The return of tide can flush out these soils, ...
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Share Climate Change Conference2011
2011-12-11 14:05
Climate Change Conference2011
Nice logo, but will the United Nations climate change conference now underway in Durban, South Africa produce a global treaty of some sort before it wraps up Dec. 9? The conference is also called COP 17, that is, the 17th conference of the parties or nations which signed on to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
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Share The Amazon rainforest
2011-12-10 19:38
The Amazon rainforest
The Amazon rainforest is the biggest forest in the world and is also the last big space covered with tropical plants and animals. The Amazon forest territory is a tropical rainforest that is located in the north side of the South American continent and is shared by 9 countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana and Guiana. Travel through the forest can be difficult, and a guide or a river tour are the best options to see the natural wonders of the rain ...
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  • World’s First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in 2017 2017-3-13 19:55

    HailChina!: Have you ever seen the old Russian video of dogs head that is sort of alive with no body?

    I am excited about this because if we can replace our bodi ...
    Agreed man.

  • World’s First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in 2017 2017-3-11 06:25

    Have you ever seen the old Russian video of dogs head that is sort of alive with no body?

    I am excited about this because if we can replace our bodies then we can extend our lives and this kind of thing could lead to something close to immortality maybe. It would be good if the brain could be transplanted into a new body. We could grow clone replacement bodies and then just put the brain in when the body we are using gets old.

    I want a new body and I would also like a new head. A better looking one.

    I finished the first Metal Gear Solid on the playstation.

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