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Report Sebin50 2016-4-3 08:10
My name is sebrina i from London i have something to discause with you please contact me
Report seclusive 2014-4-13 13:26
Report Alice-Xu 2014-4-1 14:45
querist: Hello, lovely lady. I'm happy that you added me, but I would like to know why you added me. :-)
   just as your purpose:to learn,to share,mine is to learn from u!
Report 2013-7-12 16:09
querist: A few.      Why?
u know many different languages.thats so cool.i love learning languages.i adore the people can say many languages
Report 2013-7-11 19:02
Excuse me,how many kinds language you can say?
Report tonywang123 2013-6-15 23:36
I want to know how you are  both a computer major and a physician?
Report Angela2013 2013-4-26 13:37
hi,how are you
Report hongjing.jiang 2013-3-22 10:20
hello , i am a new member here .
Report narnia1004 2013-2-10 10:28
querist: 春节快乐,我的朋友!
Report narnia1004 2013-2-10 10:27
querist: 春节快乐,我的朋友!
Report narnia1004 2013-2-9 20:31
querist: You are a beautiful young lady. That is a very nice picture. I have a son who is about your age.   
Report narnia1004 2013-2-7 23:14
querist: My QQ is 1925459625 and my skype name is querist. I will not be at my house until late tonight, so I will add you tomorrow.

By the way, that is a ver ...
yes,it's me
Report narnia1004 2013-2-7 21:20
hi ,please add my QQ13555971874,my msn is my skype narnia1004
Report querist 2013-1-20 05:54
Jade, you just need to use it and be willing to make mistakes. It's hard for an adult learner to be willing to make mistakes. I want to tell you a funny story that really happened to me. I was talking with a Chinese colleague (who is a very pretty lady one year younger than I am) and I wanted to say to her "如果我不明白,我可以问你。", but I accidentally said “如果我不明白,我可以吻你。” :-) Fortunately, she has a good sense of humour and she is a very good friend. She laughed and corrected my pronunciation and then told me what 吻 means. We both laughed, and now that is still a private joke between us.

English does not have as long of a history as your language, so we often take sayings from Latin. One is "Errare humanum est." - "To err is human", as said by the ancient teacher Seneca. It simply means that if you are human, you are going to make mistakes. Part of being human is making mistakes.

I will be happy to help you with your English, Jade. "Never give up, never surrender."
Report jade2013 2013-1-18 10:15
Thanks very much . I like English very much ,always I've never give up .but still now ,My English is not good ,my friends said:Jade, you say English is Chinese English ,I'm sad.

Ph.D. in Computer Science (Security) and also a physician, I travel to China on business a few times each year. I am learning Mandarin (and some Cantonese because I travel to HK and GZ) and intend to take the HSK in 2015 (before I turn 50).

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      • Just a short note 2014-5-10 10:24

        Vocabulary seems to be the hardest thing to learn. Chinese grammar is logical, but learning vocabulary (especially to read) is a challenge when I have few opportunities to speak the language. I really wish I could live in China for a while.

      • Just a short note 2014-4-2 12:16

        good luck to you.

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