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  • Warm Welcome 2017-11-11 15:22

    "Hello,airplane! Please come down and take me to fight against the American army till defeat them to pee!"  -----------When I was little, fellow friends would become so excited that all of us would shout such slogan-like words to the sky while the plane flied over the head!

    Now the once enemies have become friends for common fate!

  • Share My Spring Festival Photos at Here 2017-3-20 18:54

    Ashikujaman: Welcome
    Seem the muscles squeeze from inside to out, make the upper left most inside teeth, even the whole root from the teethridge squeeze out. The sound of "bang" is heard in my ears.
    Last time when my front teeth broked, there is a black policeman talk to me: we shoud to do some help for you, but we do not take this way.The foreign policeman, how he can know my teeth is broke?

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