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Share Warm Welcome
Tsaokuohua 2017-11-10 19:40
Warm Welcome
Warm Welcome Warm Welcome Our Excellent Net Friend Donald Trump Visit mainland Personally. Warm Welcome USA President Team Go to PR.China for State Visit !
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Share A Serious Problem
Tsaokuohua 2017-6-23 20:21
There is a Serious Problem, Please. "The road bring a development(一带一路)" and "The nuclear explosion limit of 4 dimensional any earthquakes", which is more important? Hope you talk it to me .
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Share The Telephone
Tsaokuohua 2017-4-22 20:17
The Telephone If I want to use telephone, first of all, I need have a mobile phone, and know how to operate it. For a person with no normal income, buy a new mobile phone, it is unlikely. So the society seems to make me can not use the phone. Fortunately, I have long been engaged in electrical maintenance, old mobile phone share still exists. second-hand mobile phones are very c ...
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Share Share My Spring Festival Photos at Here
Tsaokuohua 2016-2-12 16:40
Share My Spring Festival Photos at Here
Shere the spring festival photos: On New Year`s Eve, the darckness is a major feature. 宾馆也在黑暗里沉寂了。Some hotels cloesed in the dack. 私家焰火。Private fireworks. 黑暗和冷清里透露了明亮和热烈,就是在饭店里聚餐的美食家族。 The bright and warm from darck and calm, is the food family for festival dinner at restaurants. ...
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