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Report mirthful 2016-6-19 20:55
I tried to send the following to but gmail won't accept it for some reason.
"I just by chance happened to look at CD's English Forum, and saw your new email address. A young man I met is trying to learn English by himself (!), and I suggested he look there for ideas. I have often thought about looking in there, but always keep putting it off. I never thought about gmail being blocked for you. I imagined that you had just given up on me, and that was why you never replied to my last message or ecards. It is ironic, given the fact that I got my first gmail account through was back when you had to be invited by someone who already had an account. Remember that? It was about 2006, I think. Ten years! Wow!

I am married now, and living with my wife in Siping, Jilin Province. She is a doctor at a local hospital. When we first decided to get married, she thought she could take a leave of absence w/o pay from her job, and still collect her pension when she reached retirement age in 2017. We planned on returning to America as soon as she got her visa. But soon after we married, her hospital changed its policy, and now she must continue working until retirement late next year. We will have been married 3 years this August, and I have spent about half that time in China, and the other half in America getting my house in shape to rent. We bought a VERY small apartment in Siping, but haven't really furnished it, since our time here will be so short. In fact, we have decided to sell it, and rent a place until she retires. However, no one seems to be interested in buying. So here we are, in a half (or less than half!) furnished apartment, waiting for her 55th birthday. I am continually flirting with the idea of returning to America before then. I DON'T want to spend another winter in NE China...and living here is rather uncomfortable and unpleasant. Besides, I am homesick for America. But I know my wife doesn't want me to leave, and I hate the thought of making her unhappy.

How are you? What is new in your life? I will always be interested in hearing your news, but if you think it best not to correspond, I will understand. If you are curious about me, my QQ # is 1296439466. I hope you are happy and healthy every day! Take care, David
Report mirthful 2013-1-17 02:32 seemed to have disappeared! I would institute a search for you, but looking for one person in the midst of 1.3 billion people (and maybe even more...maybe you are overseas!) is like looking for a needle in a haystack! I hope you are OK, and just too busy too spend time here or reply to my emails to you. I would be very sorry if you are ignoring me because of my behavior several years ago. I was really going through a difficult time (in some ways still am) if that is an adequate excuse. Anyway, I will send an ecard to you for Spring Festival and hope to receive a rep
ly! Yours, David
Report mirthful 2012-12-17 22:49
I wonder if you ever visit CD Forums any more? I haven't been here since July 23, 2012! I think about you quite often and wonder how you are and what you are doing. You are probably very busy with your work as well as your time away from the job. Maybe a new romance has blossomed in your life! My love life is stagnant, which is probably about right for someone of my advanced years! I think I will be a bachelor, maybe a hermit or a monk. My Father passed away about two months ago. I have been busy winding up his affairs. When I am done with that, I plan to put the house and property in shape to rent. I have also thought about earning a certificate to teach ESL, either in the USA or abroad. I think I am too old to teach in China now, although that was my first thought. ESL teachers are in demand in the USA and in many foreign countries, so it might be an interesting experience while I am still young enough, as well as a welcome addition to my income. I hope you don't have much to do with ESL teachers in China! I hear that they are a shady bunch of characters, who spend their time chasing women and drinking, while neglecting their teaching duties. On the other hand, a mature, stable, sober, HARMLESS person such as myself would be an excellent companion for a pretty girl! Well I think I have written enough, especially as I think it likely that what I have written will never be read! But if it is, and you feel inclined, I would be happy to hear from you and learn how you are and what you have been doing with your young life. Cheers! David
Report mirthful 2012-7-24 11:54
Sorry for not replying sooner. I haven't been back here for a long time. The last time was when (I think) I sent you an invitation to be my friend. I sent an email to your Gmail address a LOOONG time ago--maybe it was an ecard for New Year's or even earlier, but got no answer. I thought you had probably given up on hearing from me! I will write again soon and try to visit CD forums more often. I hope you are very well and happy! Yours, David
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