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Share Donald Trump Likes To Cook By Himself In Political Hype, But The Cooking Is Terr
author_yangming 2020-6-4 01:39
Starting on Sunday, this week is a lasting tragedy for American society. The peaceful demonstrations against racial discrimination turned into violence and robbery. Donald Trump should take responsibility for this. As always, he completed his political hype, which was full of childishness, selfishness, and meanness. President Trump stated that if demonstrators enter the White House, they will let dogs bite. I can't believe this is what a national president said. It's like a child.Sometimes ...
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Share Hegemony, this is an impossible dream.
author_yangming 2020-5-23 15:20
What exactly is President Trump thinking? Maybe, just maybe. President Trump wants is the same as what Adolf Hitler wants. They all want hegemony. Decades have passed, But hegemonism has been lingering in human history. The progress of human civilization has masked the United States' hegemonism. Once hegemony of the United States was reflected in occupying more lands and building more military bases, such as South Korea and Japan. Today ’s American hegemony is reflected in President Trump ’s ...
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Share How President Trump will lose the support of voters?
author_yangming 2020-4-27 13:19
The US Democratic Party email only mentioned more small donation for Mr. Biden in Last week.I am not an American Democrat.But I can feel that Mr. Trump is gradually losing support. A few days ago, The New York Times have a report, in this report, they say moreAsians to buy guns voluntarily in order to prevent hate crimesin the United States started.I am an Asian. After reading this report, I feel very uneasy.I began to think: who is it that makes A ...
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