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Hegemony, this is an impossible dream.

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What exactly is President Trump thinking? Maybe, just maybe. President Trump wants is the same as what Adolf Hitler wants. They all want hegemony.
Decades have passed, But hegemonism has been lingering in human history. The progress of human civilization has masked the United States' hegemonism. Once hegemony of the United States was reflected in occupying more lands and building more military bases, such as South Korea and Japan. Today ’s American hegemony is reflected in President Trump ’s attack on the world.
What is hegemony? Simply put, it is forcing others to do what he does not want to do. What has Trump brought to the world today? 
He forced China to accept huge fines. He forced international companies to relocate factories to USA and let them bear huge losses themselves. He forced the Palestinian people to lose their country and let innocent people become refugees. He forced the World Health Organization to lie. He also forced South Korea and Japan to pay huge US military expenditures and occupation military land in these countries.
History is always cyclic. The Hitler once forced Poland to become its own territory. He forced the Jews to enter the concentration camp. He forced Europe to pay huge indemnities. He forced German companies to manufacture secret weapons and caused them losses. and many more. 
These two people live at different times, but they all have one thing in common: hegemonism. Fortunately, Since the end of World War II, the world has begun to resist hegemony. Now every country in the world is committed to protecting itself freedom with more. 
Ironically, the United States has promised to bring freedom to all countries in the world. But, during President Trump ’s four-year term, many countries were handcuffed and shackled in the world. These restraints are made in USA. Many people may do not believe Mr. Trump's words, he is a super liar. But the point is that Mr.Trump represents the United States of America. His moral standards should not become American standards. 
There is a Chinese proverb: a man Lift a stone and hit he own feet. Mr. Trump is this man. 
In the 21st century. Our generation has accepted the idea of ​​resistance to hegemonism. President Trump may not bring more benefits to the United States, but he can bring one thing: let more People see the ugliness of hegemonism. 

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Reply Report 12dream 2020-5-27 14:35
Good topic:

Hegemony is like a sacred word to western economies, particularly the USA with its Reserve Currency status wildly used. Moaning about such acts of hegemony are not going to undo their unfair practices and bullies. Try using less USD for anything, any sort of trades and transactions . Perhaps, in gradual manners and practices, traders and consumers can get used to "walking away" from USD.

Whereas, in country to country dealings, it can appear as the start of "cold-war" , if any refuses to trade in USD.  However, the feelings are prominently indicating of tendencies to go "digital currencies" by national Reserve Banks or Central Banks .  Other than China, The Russian Federation must be very sick and frustrated by western nations due to sanctions, DPRK, Iran and so are several South American nations.

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    In the eyes of the majority of the people, Trump is a fool and a crazy man, but do you ever think of the question why he can be the president of the US and others cannot?

  • Donald Trump Likes To Cook By Himself In Political Hype, But The Cooking Is Terr 2020-6-4 19:49

    @Yang Ming,  the president of the USA ( "dog in the bunker" )  did not literally mean " releasing very vicious dogs " because an army of his Police Force could not deal with many thousands extremely angry protesters ( he named them rioters and terrorists; whereas, in HK they are heroes ) ; how could dogs scare them off ?  He meant he, the president of the rioters and terrorists, was that very vicious dog to be released; that is, deploying his active US military soldiers to shoot and kill local Black and Hispanic Americans inside the USA.

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