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How President Trump will lose the support of voters?

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The US Democratic Party email only mentioned more small donation for Mr. Biden in Last week. I am not an American Democrat. But I can feel that Mr. Trump is gradually losing support.
 A few days ago, The New York Times have a report, in this report, they say more Asians to buy guns voluntarily in order to prevent hate crimes  in the United States started. I am an Asian. After reading this report, I feel very uneasy. I began to think: who is it that makes Americans suffer such a fear? Maybe, maybe. Mr. Trump is responsible because he has done a lot of wrongs.
In the history, more former President of the United States, their efforts from generation to generation have finally created the world economy based on free trade. But President Trump have destroy such results.
He used international criminal procedures in Canada and detained a Chinese business woman without notifying the Chinese government in advance. From a diplomatic perspective, this is too rude. From a legal perspective, this is too casual. The businesswoman was accused of violating the UN ban, Trump believe Her employer is helping Iran develop military power. However, I would like to ask: This lady has not violated any criminal law, and her employer is just an employment relationship with her. She should not be imprisoned for something she has not done. This incident will certainly make Mr. Trump lose the support of many people who understand law.
The US government has repeatedly expressed USA support for the founding of Palestine after World War II, and has repeatedly stated that Israel and Palestine should stop using force. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump announced the establishment of the US Embassy in Jerusalem city. Facts have proved that without understanding the religious meaning and historical meaning, Mr. Trump ’s actions give that area with hatred, revenge, abuse and atrocities. They actual actions have destroyed the efforts of the United States over years. I believe he has lost the support of those who have experienced war and love peace.
Remember Charlotte, where collective racial discrimination occurred. Then, what did President Trump do? Using CDC's budget to build the border wall, he expelled Latino Americans and provided them with inhumane iron cages. But, American law has clearly stated that this land is the home of immigrants. Yes, I believe he lost the support of those who believed in equality and freedom.
Remember Giuliani? Before he went to prison, he accused Trump of being a liar and a villain. The friend who once was Mr. Trump's closest friend but has now become a witness against Mr. Trump's guilty. The US House of Representatives expressed distrust of President Trump and considered him guilty. Because the House of Representatives confirmed the fact that he and Russian intelligence agency made more campaign transaction. He lying. But four years ago, Mr. Trump strongly condemned Ms. Hillary for lying. I believe he lost the support of those who believe that honesty is an important life morality.
Everything is enough. During the first term of President Trump, he has done a lot to hurt USA. American have leave an international system that prohibits proliferation of nuclear weapons. American have lost business opportunities and fair opportunities in East Asia. American condemn others and Refuse to pay the expenses of the World Health Organization. He lost our reason. USA lost more lives. World have lost too much.
Mr. Trump was like tearing a onion skin, layer by layer destroying people's trust in him. One thing, I always believe: President Trump will lose the support of voters.

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Reply Report Liononthehunt 2020-5-3 19:35
Trump losing support? Probably not, because the Americans are exceptionally gullible ...
Reply Report author_yangming 2020-5-23 15:25
Time will prove everything. This is an American's own choice.

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    In the eyes of the majority of the people, Trump is a fool and a crazy man, but do you ever think of the question why he can be the president of the US and others cannot?

  • Donald Trump Likes To Cook By Himself In Political Hype, But The Cooking Is Terr 2020-6-4 19:49

    @Yang Ming,  the president of the USA ( "dog in the bunker" )  did not literally mean " releasing very vicious dogs " because an army of his Police Force could not deal with many thousands extremely angry protesters ( he named them rioters and terrorists; whereas, in HK they are heroes ) ; how could dogs scare them off ?  He meant he, the president of the rioters and terrorists, was that very vicious dog to be released; that is, deploying his active US military soldiers to shoot and kill local Black and Hispanic Americans inside the USA.

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