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Share Life of Shanghai after WWI
Zorro2 2020-5-12 09:05
Life of Shanghai after WWI
Shanghai in 1930s, the high-class people were chasing after fashion and enjoy the luxurious lives. It was incomparable. They preferred the westernized life such as swimming, horse-riding, dancing, and golf-playing. They required the exquisite clothes and delicate accessories. Fashionable women chose different necklace, rings, bracelet, finger rings and brooch according to the different season and occasions. Regardless of the cheongsam or western-style suits, their ears, neck, fingers and wris ...
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Share what doctors know and don't know about immunity to COVID-19
Zorro2 2020-5-6 19:00
Scientists still have a lot to learn about immunity to the coronavirus . The World Health Organization has said there currently isn't evidence to prove people can't get reinfected with the virus — and even if they do have some protection after recovering from the virus, it's unknown how long that may last. Labs are working on developing a vaccine but it will take time. There are two types of immune responses when the bod ...
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Share Greenland ice loss causes 40% of 2019 sea level rise
Zorro2 2020-4-27 23:58
Greenland ice loss causes 40% of 2019 sea level rise
The Greenland icesheet -- which, until the end of the 20th century accumulated as much mass as it shed -- holds enough frozen water to lift the world's oceans by seven metres.Almost as alarming, however, as the icesheet's accelerating disintegration are the forces driving it, the authors reported this week in The Cryosphere, a peer-reviewed journal published by the European Geosciences Union. More than half the dramatic loss in 2019 was due not to warmer-than-average air temperatures but rathe ...
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Share Universe from the eye of Hubble Space Telescope
Zorro2 2020-4-26 06:00
Universe from the eye of Hubble Space Telescope
On April 24, 1990, the Space Shuttle Discovery launched, carrying the Hubble Space Telescope (HST, or just "Hubble"). This orbiting telescope was the first of NASA's great Observatories . For 30 years, HST has provided astronomers with incredible scientific data on everything from solar system objects to some of the most distant galaxies in the cosmos. Hubble was named for American astronomer Edwin Hubble, who in the early 20th century helped establish that the universe is much bigger than th ...
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Share Why We Lose Track Of Time In Quarantine
Zorro2 2020-4-23 15:15
Why We Lose Track Of Time In Quarantine
A common refrain during the COVID-19 pandemic : Life is a blur. The days all seem to blend together — is it Tuesday or Friday? And the line between work and leisure time is obscured when your living room doubles as your home office . Any time we have a big change in routine, this happens, We are accustomed to a certain amount of structure to our days. Moving to working from home disrupts the structure. Know that if you’re constantly confused about what day it is, you ...
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Share We shouldn't be solely dependent upon herd immunity regarding corona virus
Zorro2 2020-4-22 10:29
We shouldn't be solely dependent upon herd immunity regarding corona virus
Herd immunity occurs when a large portion of the population becomes immune to a disease or virus, stopping its spread because there are so few people who can contract it.It is typically attained through vaccination, not widespread infection. For example, herd immunity for the measles is achieved when 19 out of 20 people receive the vaccination. Wittkowskisupported herd immunity through infection.Although it is possible to achieve herd immunity through infection, you don’t re ...
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Share How Covid-19 may affect the brain
Zorro2 2020-4-20 16:27
"You've been hearing that this is a breathing problem, but it also affects what we most care about, the brain," A pattern is emerging among Covid-19 patients arriving at hospitals in New York: beyond fever, cough and shortness of breath, some are deeply disoriented to the point of not knowing where they are or what year it is. At times this is linked to low oxygen levels in their blood, but in certain patients the confusion appears disproportionate to how their lungs are faring. By ...
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Share The first recorded sighting of a Lyrid meteor shower
Zorro2 2020-4-19 18:37
The first recorded sighting of a Lyrid meteor shower
The first recorded sighting of a Lyrid meteor shower goes back to 687 BC in China. Observers there said the Lyrids were "falling like rain." The Lyrids are known for their fast and bright meteors. Looking for something fun to do? Need to get out of the house? Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning will be the peak of the Lyrids, the first major meteor shower since January. The annual meteor shower is active each year from about April 16 to April 25 . This year, the skinny and almost-n ...
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Share The race for a coronavirus vaccine
Zorro2 2020-4-11 18:42
The race for a coronavirus vaccine
Despite the global competition to develop a coronavirus vaccine, experts agree one won't be available for at least 12 to 18 months. The race kicked off Jan. 10, when Chinese scientists published the complete 30,000-letter genetic code of SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. That allowed scientists to make synthetic versions of the virus rather than waiting for sample shipments, and roughly 80 pharma giants, small labs, and government entities began chasing a cure. Moderna, a ...
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Share Social distancing works – just ask lobsters, ants and vampire bats
Zorro2 2020-4-9 09:57
Social distancing works – just ask lobsters, ants and vampire bats
Animals as diverse as monkeys , lobsters , insects and birds can detect and avoid sick members of their species. Why have so many types of animals evolved such sophisticated behaviors in response to disease? Because social distancing helps them survive. In evolutionary terms, animals that effectively socially distance during an outbreak improve their chances of staying healthy and going on to produce more offspring, which also will socially distance ...
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