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We shouldn't be solely dependent upon herd immunity regarding corona virus

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Herd immunity occurs when a large portion of the population becomes immune to a disease or virus, stopping its spread because there are so few people who can contract it.It is typically attained through vaccination, not widespread infection. For example, herd immunity for the measles is achieved when 19 out of 20 people receive the vaccination. Wittkowski supported herd immunity through infection.Although it is possible to achieve herd immunity through infection, you don’t rely on the very deadly infectious agent to create an immune population.herd immunity to the coronavirus may come as a consequence, but it should not be an aim. Little is known about natural protective immunity to the virus after it has been contracted. Exposing people to the virus in an attempt to reach herd immunity could be counterproductive if they could become infected again shortly after testing negative. With most viral infections, when someone gets infected and then recovers, they develop immunity at least for a period of time and cannot be reinfected. That’s true for most viruses. It’s not true for all viruses. COVID-19’s unknown mutation rate poses uncertainty for reaching herd immunity. The short answer is we don’t know enough right now to say if infection will offer complete protection.While it is true that  herd immunity may eventually be achieved as a result of vaccination or widespread infection, it is false to say that infection it is the best way to achieve herd immunity or that it definitively would achieve it, based on our research. 

Illustration of herd immunity

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Reply Report JimSlip 2020-4-22 11:25
the problem is that we do not know who is the virus carrier
Reply Report Zorro2 2020-4-22 15:54
well we don't actually understand the virus
Reply Report Liononthehunt 2020-4-23 18:54
The Covid-19 is a smart badass, just like flu viruses which run rampant unchecked every year, and kill hundreds of thousands people globally, but there is still no herd-immunity to that... Herd immunity in my opinion is just an ingenious subterfuge crafted by politicians which they would use when they completely screw things up in the fight against the virus.
Reply Report Zorro2 2020-4-26 16:38
Liononthehunt: The Covid-19 is a smart badass, just like flu viruses which run rampant unchecked every year, and kill hundreds of thousands people globally, but ther ...
you did very thoughtful analysis on herd immunity.

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