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Share Censorship Needed for Chinese Movies
happywindow 2014-5-19 20:01
Haven't watched a movie in a year and this is the 2nd one I have seen lately...(the first one being the Amazon Spiderman 2 but there is nothing to write about for such a summer blockbuster....) To be honest, I just came to see Karen Mok, as she was my teenage goddness. She looks like that she hasn't aged at all, and with her eccentric mandrin and skinny-to-bones body type, she is perfect to perform someone who ismentally sick. Sorry, I don't have any comment for Xuzheng, ...
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Share Who Doesn't Like Crawfish
happywindow 2014-5-1 09:32
Who Doesn't Like Crawfish
It seems still a little early to eat the crawfish...however, in a roadside stall wespent RMB650 or so on such a feast with a group of 6 people. Not sure why the Chinese people are loving the crawfish this much......and, why, the junk food is always yummier. I think now I have a little mouth is dry and a little sour all over my body. I will need to stay away from it for a month and then begin another feast in the summer. Too bad the ...
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Share The Universal Dinosaur Town
happywindow 2014-4-27 21:20
The Universal Dinosaur Town
Just spent the last 2 days there with my colleagues...and I am exhausted now. Half the fun was lost with this amusement park as all the outdoor event was cancelled because of a rainy day. But shouldn't we get reimbursement of half the price ticket ? I am not sure whether with the growing ages, the feeling of being thrown outwill getmore...stronger, when you ride a rollercoaster. Or, "technically",simply my blood sugar istowards the ...
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Share My 1st Blog in China Daily Forum
happywindow 2014-4-24 22:12
I hope to take this opportunity tostart my English blog,as this is whatI have been waiting to doforquite a while. I am a program manager working in a big audit firm and I am happy with my job right now. I start my day around 6:30 whenexactly the same time when the trash truck pulls in and begins to work its way through the rubbish bins. So in a sense I am being forced to wake up. Usually I don't eat breakfast at my place butrush over ...
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