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Share Traffic stagnates between the two cities
2018-7-22 19:01
All the high speed trains between Shanghai and Hangzhou have cancelled today, since typhoon is coming.
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Share I sent a postcard to a friend in Beijing
2017-1-12 13:55
I sent a postcard to a friend in Beijing. Although we are accustomed to using e-mail or send express, but I think a handwritten postcard is very special, because it can bring the sender's city smell.
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Share Is this a bussiness opportunity?
2017-1-9 14:17
As my expectation, I will buy a post-workout meal after swimming at a restaurant which only provides low-fat dishes. Is this a bussiness opportunity?
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Share 209 haze days
2013-11-6 11:09
Beijing's air quality has been very poor. fortunately, I have been dispatched from beijing to hangzhou about one year. I avoid several serious pollution days in Beijing, but today heard that hangzhou has 209 haze days in this year from newspaper, I feel very sad.
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      • Is this a bussiness opportunity? 2017-1-10 09:09

        If I had some capital..

      • Is this a bussiness opportunity? 2017-1-10 09:08

        I just googled 'gym restaurant' and none jump out. Found a reedit page asking if this type of business exists.

        What would be a good idea is for a restaurant corporation to enter into a partnership with some gym franchise. It might be a good idea for a healthy food corporation like Chipotle. Chipotle certainly have nothing to lose after the hits they have taken. The CEO/board of Chipotle are serious retards. I could run the company better than they do. Losers.

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