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Moderate hike in defense budget a necessity China Daily News 4 635 ambulence 2017-3-6 10:29:15
  Defense budget must be within global leading powers GDP and increase around GDP growth
US behind the arms buildup in Asia-Pacific China Daily News 6 926 huarenmalays 2017-3-6 03:51:58
  US is addicted to hegemonic superpower. US should adjust be Atlantic power with China in East Asia, ...
China and US would gain from ditching of zero-sum mentality China Daily News 4 887 huarenmalays 2017-3-6 03:46:13
  Global trade is to serve consumers in all countries. It's a win win whether big or small at one side ...
Streamlining the rental property market China Daily News 2 502 huarenmalays 2017-3-6 02:20:33
  Property bubbles in China maybe biggest in history
Video shows that terrorism knows no national borders China Daily News 3 478 huarenmalays 2017-3-6 02:16:43
  Separatism extremism terrorism will be biggest man made threat to mankind later this century
Video shows that terrorism knows no national borders China Daily News 3 478 huarenmalays 2017-3-6 02:16:43
  Separatism extremism terrorism will be biggest man made threat to mankind later this century
Politicizing economic affairs generates no fruit China Daily News 2 525 huarenmalays 2017-2-20 03:28:42
  Disparity has created populism in developed world. Populism works against capitalism.
Trump cannot afford a trade war with China China Daily News 2 683 huarenmalays 2017-2-20 03:17:01
  In trade war, there are only losers and no winners. Biggest losers will be Chinese exporters, Americ ...
Border tax self-defeating dilemma for US China Daily News 6 611 huarenmalays 2017-2-20 03:09:26
  Border tax will end Trump`s presidency
China, EU and US should work together China Daily News 4 815 GhostBuster 2017-6-9 22:27:25
  Climate change, food shortages and Separatism extremism terrorism will be their biggest challenges n ...
China's power as a global investor also benefits US China Daily News 2 439 huarenmalays 2017-2-9 20:49:56
  US jobs lost since 80s are mainly attributed to automation and robotics. Around 20% lost to overseas ...
Reality check will show double trap is avoidable China Daily News 2 256 huarenmalays 2017-2-9 20:38:14
  US should adjust be Atlantic power while China in East Asia, Russia in Eurasia and India in South As ...
Reducing housing prices proves to be tricky China Daily News 2 578 huarenmalays 2017-2-9 01:14:45
  Housing prices must not increase till 2025
True value of exams is not in the score China Daily News 6 651 GhostBuster 2017-1-31 17:20:30
  Good write up
Better enforcement of the law can ensure workers get paid China Daily News 2 677 huarenmalays 2017-1-28 12:39:41
  Regulation and heavy enforcement in financial industry and employees` payments are fundamental ensur ...
Backpedalling will not facilitate rebuilding of American greatness China Daily News 4 399 huarenmalays 2017-1-28 10:22:22
  America is already great. Disparity is the real cause of their disappointment.
Trump & co have nothing to defend in S. China Sea China Daily News 6 949 Sayallucan 2017-2-4 08:48:20
  Homeland sovereignity and economic interest is paramount to the Chinese. US is superpower addict
Ignoring China cannot make US great again China Daily News 6 873 cd231013 2017-2-1 08:05:25
  The biggest problem in US is disparity
Little for US to gain from a trade war ... 1 2 China Daily News 8 1217 huarenmalays 2017-1-28 09:43:34
  The biggest losers will be Chinese exporters, US consumers and US exporters. The smallest losers wil ...
Visit to Yasukuni Shrine China Daily News 2 314 huarenmalays 2017-1-2 14:08:29
  Yasukuni shows Japanese Supremacies. Chinese must work to be the best in our self, family, society ...
Recognizing one China is unambiguously correct China Daily News 2 303 huarenmalays 2017-1-2 11:50:48
  Huaren are brothers. ZhonhHua Mingzhu must be the core. Continuous social economic growth among us i ...
Certainty in uncertain times China Daily News 2 359 huarenmalays 2017-1-2 11:45:25
  China saved the World in last 2007-09 financial crisis. China is having some problems too.
Why are foreign nations dumping US treasuries? China Daily News 2 689 huarenmalays 2017-1-2 11:42:04
  Good write up
Europe has reason to feel cheerful but it must oppose protectionism China Daily News 5 473 cd231013 2017-1-7 08:12:57
  6% for China and 2% for EU is more realistic
Chinese soccer's rising riches yet to bode well for the game China Daily News 2 350 huarenmalays 2017-1-2 11:21:47
  CSL is money down the drain
Fight separatism in HK China Daily News 2 349 huarenmalays 2017-1-2 11:16:21
  Hong Konger have no Zhong Hua Mingzhu and no history. They have themselves and unrealistic delusiona ...
Can Abe be trusted? China Daily News 2 478 huarenmalays 2017-1-2 11:09:06
  Abe is deceptive dangerous liar. Get ready AbeJapangeddon
Forum trends:China's leftover women-intelligent and charming[10]- ... 1 2 China Daily News 12 7356 huarenmalays 2017-1-2 11:02:14
  But maybe more unrealistic, greedy and selfish
Market needs gradual drop in realty prices China Daily News 3 811 fatdragon 2017-1-2 11:27:56
  China's realty prices must drop gradually to half existing levels. CCP in danger
Playing to the crowd in the role of their savior[2]- China Daily News 2 574 huarenmalays 2017-1-2 10:47:35
  Trump is egoistical delusional selfish elite brag
Are Chinese donations to US college unpatriotic?[3]- China Daily News 6 770 huarenmalays 2016-12-26 14:49:06
  These donors have their self interest in their donation. They could have donate to many poor Chines ...
Two-child policy has demographic limits China Daily News 2 463 huarenmalays 2016-12-26 14:36:19
  3 children policy and Chinese overseas return My second home policies can help partially definitely ...
Rule-based market can end the up-and-down cycle in stock market[2]- Chinadaily.c China Daily News 2 342 huarenmalays 2016-12-12 14:26:00
  Good write up
Too early to write the epitaph for TPP China Daily News 3 847 huarenmalays 2016-11-20 09:39:02
  TPP without China will hurt Americans
Too early to write the epitaph for TPP China Daily News 3 847 huarenmalays 2016-11-20 09:39:02
  TPP without China will hurt Americans.
TPP 'demise' prompting a global pivot China Daily News 2 542 huarenmalays 2016-11-20 09:35:08
  Global free trade is the ideal. APFT is now
Sun Yat-sen's spirit calls for better cross-Straits ties China Daily News 2 457 huarenmalays 2016-11-12 14:21:45
  Zhonghua Mingzhu must be the core only. Communist, Kuomintang or liberal Democratic parties are tem ...
What Trump means for China[4]- China Daily News 4 413 GhostBuster 2016-11-13 23:13:54
  All write ups are good especially the beginnings. USA must adjust be Atlantic power while China in E ...
Major nations need to build trust to suit the times[2]- China Daily News 2 518 huarenmalays 2016-10-29 08:48:55
  US must adjust be Atlantic power while China become East Asia power to allow natural transition of d ...
Rules, norms offer double security China Daily News 2 648 huarenmalays 2016-10-29 08:31:04
  CPC is truly leading Chinese century. Effectiveness and efficiency.Hats off
An unwelcome but needed brake on investment abroad[1]- China Daily News 2 312 huarenmalays 2016-10-28 21:47:27
  Be careful that many may become like useless or worthless Japanese investment around 1990
Growth rate target in sight but bumpy road ahead China Daily News 2 443 huarenmalays 2016-10-28 21:42:24
  Property bubbles may be biggest in history
Money and coach do not make a soccer team China Daily News 4 775 huarenmalays 2016-10-28 21:28:48
  Lippi's team has world class soccer winning patience but his pay way too high. Camacho is lousy. Ch ...
Opportunity taken to make fresh start on firmer footing ... 1 2 China Daily News 9 1360 TedM 2016-10-23 10:33:31
  Joint development is best solutions for them. They win together. US wanted to be the biggest winner. ...
The flood of mortgage loans cannot lift all boats[1]- China Daily News 2 541 huarenmalays 2016-10-21 22:22:15
  China's property bubbles will be biggest in history.
Online anchors leading young people astray China Daily News 4 472 hylovenight9088 2016-10-17 14:37:06
  Chinese will have their golden generation from 2030-2050. After that, they are history like today's ...
Nurture sporting spirit in young soccer players China Daily News 2 447 huarenmalays 2016-10-17 01:33:45
  Chinese do not have soccer world cup winning passion. They do not have patience and want fast money. ...
A vital step toward yuan's internationalization China Daily News 2 348 huarenmalays 2016-10-9 02:52:32
  USD should have been 30% and RMB 15%
Time to make a countermove against US-ROK game plan China Daily News 2 382 huarenmalays 2016-10-9 02:41:47
  ROK has become NEA hotspot
Globalization 2.0: Seeking more choices in free trade China Daily News 2 394 huarenmalays 2016-10-9 02:36:48
  Developed world is history. Disparity is the biggest challenge. Free trades improve livelihood. Chi ...
Greedy officials could delay economic restructuring and government reform
China Daily News 2 328 huarenmalays 2016-10-9 02:25:32
  They must be punished
Will Mandarin be the language of future?[1]- China Daily News 4 734 GhostBuster 2016-10-14 22:41:10
  Mandarin facilitates communication with the Chinese as they will be the biggest regional powers in t ...
US should end playing role of world policeman China Daily News 4 679 Cougarmaster 2016-10-5 18:57:24
  US is perverted superpower addict. The more world policeman, the faster the fall.
Investor distrust leads to stock market slump over new listing rule[2]- Chinadai China Daily News 2 512 huarenmalays 2016-9-28 23:25:57
  Investors or speculators?
Taiwan feeling the pain of Tsai's policy failure China Daily News 5 433 huarenmalays 2016-9-28 23:21:35
  Zhonghua mingzhu must be their core. Taiwan is history. Many are spoiled and addicted.
China, Japan must eye shared destiny[2]- China Daily News 2 497 huarenmalays 2016-9-28 23:14:37
  AbeJapan is living in history. Deceptive and dangerous. Get ready Abejapangeddon. Disparity is thei ...
Duterte treads the right track China Daily News 3 287 huarenmalays 2016-9-28 23:03:10
  Joint development is the best solution to them
Duterte treads the right track China Daily News 3 287 huarenmalays 2016-9-28 23:03:10
  Joint development is the best solution to them
Japan's wish for 'joint patrol' China Daily News 2 328 huarenmalays 2016-9-28 22:58:28
  AbeJapan is getting crazier and more dangerous thanks to perverted USA. Get ready Abejapangeddon
US needs other nations' help to fight terrorism China Daily News 1 372 huarenmalays 2016-9-28 22:53:35
  All Muslims are separatists. Many are extremists. Some are terrorists.
Why visits to Yasukuni are unacceptable[2]- China Daily News 3 349 seneca 2016-8-27 09:34:35
  Praise and honour of world dominated cruel militarism legacy is dangerous
The killing of a Chinese man in Paris China Daily News 3 359 seneca 2016-8-27 09:54:20
  Separatism extremism terrorism will be biggest mankind threat later this century
Game of wealth requires strong will power China Daily News 4 715 cd231013 2016-8-28 06:27:38
  Game of wealth requires strong knowledge and understanding
US should rethink its foreign policy and show restraint China Daily News 2 416 tedted 2016-8-29 19:17:29
  Clinton may destroy the World. Trump is lesser of the evil. He can save US more if focus on economy
Competition good for movies China Daily News 2 308 huarenmalays 2016-8-26 20:52:58
  Good write up
Chinese and US militaries must avoid crisis China Daily News 2 352 huarenmalays 2016-8-26 20:50:33
  US is perverted superpower addict. Source of Asia Pacific darkness and later worldwide Separatism ex ...
Aug.23 China Daily News 2 649 huarenmalays 2016-8-23 21:54:27
  Biggest bubbles
Spirit of endurance matters, so does skill China Daily News 2 337 huarenmalays 2016-8-23 21:53:05
  Lang is right. Passion, world champion and skills.
West must use G20 to adopt a spirit of cooperation China Daily News 5 343 coralbay 2016-8-22 00:32:21
  G20 must work together to maintain trades for next few years
West must use G20 to adopt a spirit of cooperation China Daily News 5 343 coralbay 2016-8-22 00:32:21
  G20 must work together to maintain trades for next few years
Century of humiliation still cuts deep into the collective psyche China Daily News 5 362 huarenmalays 2016-8-21 11:41:02
  Be the best in individual family social economic progress for Zhonghua Mingzhu dream
Should online learning be encouraged?[1]- China Daily News 6 886 ralmsjourney 2017-2-2 19:07:33
  Self growth is encouraged. All kinds of learning in scientific engineering technological financial m ...
Is free healthcare luxury in China?[1]- ... 1 2 China Daily News 13 2145 Ted180 2017-1-25 17:27:59
  Nothing is free. Somebody has to pay
Opposing US' no first use of nukes suits Abe's game China Daily News 2 403 huarenmalays 2016-8-20 16:06:28
  Be prepared for crazy and dangerous Abejapangeddon this generation. US should adjust be Atlantic pow ...
Is a gold medal all that matters?[1]- China Daily News 4 555 SEARU 2016-8-21 11:59:19
  Gold is for the Champion. To participate in Olympics not wanting and not able to win a medal is equi ...
Realty boost to economy not good in long run China Daily News 2 375 huarenmalays 2016-8-19 21:55:26
  Housing bubble must be biggest challenges for China. They must be reduced gradually
Manila and Beijing can make breakthrough China Daily News 2 341 huarenmalays 2016-8-9 22:25:03
  Joint development is the best solutions.
New defense minister will not bring Japan closer to neighbors China Daily News 2 390 huarenmalays 2016-8-9 22:23:14
  Get ready for crazy Abejapangeddon thanks to perverted USA
Investigate into financing of bus project China Daily News 3 389 huarenmalays 2016-8-9 22:19:16
  Good write up
Strategic misjudgment for Seoul to alienate Beijing and Moscow China Daily News 3 723 huarenmalays 2016-8-9 22:17:05
  ROK is not smart. Neutral is the wise choice.
THAAD destroys united approach to DPRK China Daily News 2 329 huarenmalays 2016-8-7 15:45:53
  ROK has become hotspot in NEA
Candid thoughts on South China Sea disputes[1]- China Daily News 3 561 seneca 2016-8-7 11:32:23
  US should adjust be Atlantic power while China in East Asia, Russia in Eurasia and India in South As ...
Drivers must be made to obey rules of the road China Daily News 4 859 Swifty55 2016-8-7 15:47:55
  Harsh punishment will reduce them
Drivers must be made to obey rules of the road China Daily News 4 859 Swifty55 2016-8-7 15:47:55
  Harsh punishment will reduce them
Genial region, not THAAD, best for ROK's security[2]- China Daily News 3 491 seneca 2016-8-6 10:15:43
  ROK has become the most dangerous affected and vulnerable pawn for US pivot to Asia
Costly consequences of THAAD for Seoul[2]- China Daily News 3 519 sfphoto 2016-8-4 19:23:15
  Pivot to Asia brings darkness to Asia Pacific. It should have been Pivot to Atlantic or America
Harsh penalties to deter use of industrial gelatin China Daily News 3 673 BlondeAmber 2016-8-6 00:12:06
  Good write up
THAAD – The American white lie China Daily News 4 368 huarenmalays 2016-8-4 19:00:17
  ROK is not smart. It has become much more dangerous
Multicultural factor behind terrorism[2]- China Daily News 5 403 huarenmalays 2016-8-4 18:55:27
  The Separatism extremism terrorism forces put their Islamic values and practices above others. World ...
Iraq war points to a not-so-bright future[2]- future China Daily News 3 452 huarenmalays 2016-8-3 19:26:13
  US should adjust be Atlantic power. It will be ever growing numbers of IS in Middle East, Africa, Eu ...
Tourists act badly due to lack of respect for others China Daily News 5 564 dusty1 2016-8-3 19:33:34
  Some of the many Chinese are selfish non restraint bad tempered greedy hypocrites
Economic growth in the time of disruption China Daily News 1 472 huarenmalays 2016-8-1 02:32:30
  Good write up
No disorderly yuan depreciation China Daily News 2 439 huarenmalays 2016-8-1 02:30:07
  Production, innovation and automation progress must be the focus. Unemployment target must be less t ...
US voters have to decide who is the lesser of two evils[1]- China Daily News 3 597 Skypilotbaby 2016-8-1 05:11:23
  The lesser of two evils seems to be Trump.
THAAD serious threat to peace, stability of East Asia China Daily News 5 514 huarenmalays 2016-7-31 23:48:57
  ROK has become a pawn for US. ROK should have been neutral as China will inevitable be East Asia pow ...
'Hong Kong independence' a mirage China Daily News 3 405 huarenmalays 2016-7-31 23:29:29
  Zhonghua Mingzhu and economic interest must be focus for all huaren in the World. Chinese worldwide ...
Losses from flight of manufacturing have to be offset China Daily News 2 451 huarenmalays 2016-7-30 09:58:42
  Innovation and production happening in China is faster than most of the World. After 2030, there wil ...
US blackmail will only bankrupt it China Daily News 3 597 seneca 2016-7-26 22:29:13
  US and China show down will be Lose Lose. It will destabilize the World with explosive rising chaos ...
EU taking the wrong medicine for its ills China Daily News 2 364 huarenmalays 2016-7-24 20:54:14
  Disparity is biggest problem. Infrastructure fiscal spending may help partially
Time ripe for setting up China-EU FTA China Daily News 2 365 huarenmalays 2016-7-24 15:28:57
  Free trade improve life for majority of the people
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