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Share Birthday of Confucius
GVTCC 2019-9-28 10:45
Iam very surefew of us Chinese youngsters know about this holiday, because they only care about the old guy with long beard in the red coat on the back of a reindeer in December. But I have to point it out that a holy person or a sage is absolutely NOT that old guy. Today September 28 is the birthday of Confucius, and he taught his student that one should be honest before becoming a good teacher. His disciple Zengcan once told his son that he would kill a pig to eat ...
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Share Shame on a Singer
GVTCC 2019-9-22 10:47
He calls himself the best ever singer on the surface of the earth, but he actually makes his living on earning money from the mainland of China. He has not published new single song for quite a long while, but the new released one is about a girl and her boyfriend, and most important of all, they are the main roles of the music video and they are Japanese. The day of new song is published on or around Sept 18, a date that many patriotic Chinese will not forget. Many of his fans i ...
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Share If it is true
GVTCC 2019-8-29 09:01
If it is true
A college is not good for the many multi-story buildings it has, but for the many good teachers it attracts. But the reality is not so satisfying, as a piece of writing of a student shows: a student's writing about his teacher
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Share Why Peony China's State Flower
GVTCC 2019-7-23 22:58
Each time when there is important diplomatic activity, the song Jasmine is played, so naturally jasmine flower should be the national flower of the country. Peony was once the national flower back in the Tang Dynasty when Empress Wu Zetian ruled, the last flower serving as this role was wintersweet, as was shown in the national anthem of KMT Ode to Wintersweet, which was once made popular by Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng and later banned for the inappropriation.
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Share International Museum Day
GVTCC 2019-5-18 11:33
It is a big day of cultural events. But when I wish to visit the museums with good exhibits, I find that first the traffic is too much and second some of the insittutes are closed and third nobody other than me cares about this day. In Europe and America, people spend much of their leisure time in museums and the shopping malls are closed on weekends, but the conditions in our country are the opposite.
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Share Alumni Passed Away
GVTCC 2019-5-17 23:03
His name is Wei Shanwen and he is also known as Mi Wentian in the Chinese musical community. He is an Engineer and Vice Chief of Du'an County Highway Administration of Guangxi, he is also a song writer, with works such as My Mongolian Horse, My Darling in Mongolian Grassland, etc, sung by Ulan Tuya, a well-known Mongolian singer of China. He is a graduate of Guangxi Transport School, which is now renamed Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications. After he wrote a theme ...
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Share Mother's Day Celebrated with What
GVTCC 2019-5-12 17:06
Chinese people are now into Western imported holidays more than their traditional ones. Today happens to be Mother's Day, but it is also Nurse Day and Disaster Relief Day, the latter of which marks the 11th anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake. It is always right to remember the goodness mothers give us. Without our mothers, we could not exist in the world. I send my greetings to many mothers and also receive the same from others. I would say that as a natural person, one should be gra ...
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Share Two Buildings Gone Without Trace
GVTCC 2019-5-12 16:59
I had lessons on Monday, after that I had other business in another campus, then I was much surprised when I visited the campus again on Thursday, to see that two buildings had been removed totally. Some workers were working on laying sods where the two structures had stood, so I asked them what was the matter, they said they did not know anything about it, and that they were here to work as instructed by their boss. Later I read the notice that on Saturday (May 11, 2019), ...
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Share Labor Day holiday is a bad dream to most of common people
GVTCC 2019-5-3 15:48
They want to enjoy themselves, but they find thmesleves stuck on high-way road for longer hours than they can tolerate. They see more human heads than the good scenes they like, they are hungry because they do not have the meals served on time because here and there so many visitors are crowded in the one and same place. When they settle down in the hotel, it is the time for them to worry about how to park their cars in limited space and when it is the appropriate time to make the home tr ...
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