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Share Thumb sucking, when to be intervened? -- a scientific review
2014-1-11 04:32
Thumb sucking, when to be intervened?  -- a scientific review
According to researches, actually more than 80% of babies do some extra sucking when they are not hungry; with ultrasound many babies even can be seen sucking their fingers in the uterus. That's not surprising. For infants, it is a natural reflex. Babies have a natural desire to suck on the breast or bottles, which is essential for survival. As babies grow, they learn a lot about their bodies and the world around them through sucking. They suck on their fingers, clothing, and toys. From ...
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Share Thumb sucking, does it bother you?
2014-1-8 23:21
When Nicole was in her fourth month, one day we were video chatting with her grandparents. She put her thumb in her mouth and sucked on it happily as usual. Just imagine how tasty the finger is by seeing her face. So adorably cute! They couldn't help laughing, while in the meantime they asked me to take her thumb out, saying it was not a good habit. After the first time vision of this, later every time when we chatted, they would show their concern on the issue,"Does she still suck her fingers? ...
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Share Bananas or Not?
2014-1-3 23:05
Bananas or Not?
My friend called me just now telling me that her seven-month old boy had been suffering from constipation these days and was fussy to cry frequently. She asked me whether Nicole had ever met this problem and how to deal with it. This reminds me of the time helping Nicole fighting against her hard movements. It came after the introduction of solid food to her dietary. Following the instructions from both her doctor and the baby manual, we started by giving her a ver ...
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Share Training of teeth brushing
2013-12-30 06:09
Training of teeth brushing
Nicole's first pair of teeth arrived at the beginning of the seventh month. I remember how excited I was when I saw the pearly white heads. Although I got the idea that she maybe teething when I noticed that there came more saliva in her mouth and she sometimes gummed down during the breastfeeding as early as in her fourth month, I couldn't help circulating the news to all our family members when the two tiny pearls came out. We had been waiting for really a long time. Things went on smoothly l ...
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Share A little story of Nicole
2013-12-27 19:34
Now Nicole is in her 17th month. She grows well, her height and weight are among the seventy-fifth percentile group. The rate of development is also normal: she can walk well, steadily and fast; can use several simple words; can point to a desired object; can drink from a cup. These are all great things making us parents joyful. Two months ago, the time when she started walking alone, I noticed that she has a habit of throwing things which she doesn't like. This is undoubtably not a go ...
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