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Share My thoughts on transgenic food
2014-3-7 13:26
It seems that public doubts about the safety of GMF (genetically modified food) in China has been airing again very recently. The consumers are mainly concerned about the long-term human health effects of the GM crops. According to the vice-minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, only GM cotton and papaya have been allowed to be planted and consumed domestically. However, based on the famous former CCTV host Cui Yongyuan's investigation, GM corn and rice are also f ...
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Share What the typical eighteen months old do
2014-2-26 23:33
By eighteen months, Nicole has become more verbal and sociable. She seems understand most of what I say, although she can say a few simple words only. She can use gestures or grunts to communicate as well. She has begun to realize that every thing has a name, therefore she constantly points to different things, until I name them for her. She plays simple pretends, such as mopping the floor with a piece of cloth as I do, feeding her barbie doll with a bottle... She likes listening to stor ...
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Share The diary of our Valentine’s day
2014-2-17 04:05
Today is 14th, February, the Valentine’s Day. The weather is nice, a rare sunny warm day in this season. Walking on the road, enjoying the golden sunshine, and feeling the breeze on the face, you will become relaxed and cheerful. Ladies, young or old, walk by elegantly, with sweet smiles, and a bundle ofbeautiful roses in hand. Gentlemen in suits and ties, are in a hurry for dating joyfully. The taste of love is floating in the air. I also have a plan to ...
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Share 2014 Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Switzerland
2014-2-12 22:11
2014 Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Switzerland
The 2014 Chinese Spring Festival Gala in Switzerland was held at Volkshaus, Zurich on 9th February, 2014. Nearly one thousand people, including overseas Chinese from Switzerland and Germany, and the local Swiss friends, gathered together to greet the Chinese New Year of Horse. In addition to the wonderful performances prepared by the twelve Chinese Association of Students and Scholars in the Swiss Federation, some popular Swiss artists also took part in this year's Gala. Th ...
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Share Homeland, the Reason for Love
2014-2-7 23:28
One day when I asked my friend whether he had any plan for going back. He replied by writing me a long letter. I was deeply touched by his words. I selected out the main parts of his essay, made some minor changes, did a translation based on my understanding and posted it here for you. To return or not, many people are thinking over this question. There are only two answers, but reasons vary. From my friend’s view, it’s related to the cultural difference. Then how about yours? ...
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Share Yes or no? It's time to discipline
2014-1-29 06:09
Nicole is growing up everyday. As time passes by, along with the new skills mastered has come a talent for getting into trouble. After the first birthday she gets more curious, fearless, impulsive, mobile, while still clueless about the consequences of her actions -- a recipe for trouble. Sometimes you are listening to the BBC news from TV when cooking in the kitchen, while suddenly it becomes silent. When you go running to see what has happened, you will find that she ...
Personal category: Growing with my daughter|6950 views|8 comments Popularity 7
Share (Topic:helicopter parents) How to make the most of the babyhood?
2014-1-22 01:23
In this achievement-oriented society, parents usually fall in great anxiety, anxious about whether our children will have a bright future. And some begin worrying too early even when the child is a small baby. We worry that unless they do everything right on time according to the schedule of developmental milestones, they won’t be successful as a candidate for Harvard or Oxford. Do we have reasons to worry? This is a question. The worry provoke s a ...
Personal category: Growing with my daughter|8244 views|11 comments Popularity 8
Share The child is father of the man -- science in the saying
2014-1-18 05:29
There goes the saying 'san sui kan dao lao ( 三 岁 看到老 )', namely, the child is father of the man. The Free Dictionary gives the explanation of the meaning:people's personalities form when they are children.I guess most people seldom think over it, while some will question on it. You probably won't remember much about the first three years of your life, thus how can a period of time when you are an innocent child be so critical to the formation of the human being you will ...
Personal category: Growing with my daughter|3207 views|6 comments Popularity 4
Share Is your baby a slowpoke walker?
2014-1-15 05:56
Is your baby a slowpoke walker?
Nicole is a slow walker compared to most of her peers. Her daddy used to be eager to see her walking. But after a long time since her first birthday, there were still not any signs showing her starts walking, he began to worry about the issue."I really thought that by now she would have started walking. But she hasn’t even tried yet", one day he talked to me, "And you know? Her cousin (three weeks older than her) started walking one month ago. A few days ago I met a family o ...
Personal category: Growing with my daughter|7364 views|15 comments Popularity 10
Share January, getting homesick in the New Year’s atmosphere
2014-1-13 04:04
January, getting homesick in the New Year’s atmosphere
I quitted from my job and retreated to family when I was expecting the baby. And I found that there were many mom-to-be and mothers from our neighboring households in the community. Most of them stay at home as full time housewives, and some work in a home-office based way, while the others choose a part time job, saying to work 40-80%. They always come out for a gathering in front of the apartments in the afternoon when the weather is good, with their babies and kids playing together. I ...
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