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Share Critical thinking, the ability that students need
2014-11-16 16:31
As a used-to-be undergraduate and research graduate, according to my supervisors in and outside of China, I’ve been an intelligent, self-motivated and diligent student, with broad and profound theoretical knowledge of my majors, though I’m not so competitive in creativity. This is an accurate and typical judgement not only to me, but is suitable to most Chinese overseas student indeed. The education I received during my growth do take the responsibility for this outcome ...
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Share Nicole’s first time fighting: a developing sense of self
2014-11-3 01:24
Nicole’s first time fighting: a developing sense of self
How time flies! Nicole is twenty-seven months old now. Last Wednesday afternoon, when I went to fetch her from the playgroup, Karin, her caregiver, told me that for more than a year, for the first time, she found that Nicole started to fight against other kids over her preferred toy. 'Really,' I got excited at the news. Then I asked her did Nicole tend to grab toys away from others, or did she just struggle with other children taking toys. Karin confirmed me with the latter one, and reas ...
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Share Enjoy travel with your kids
2014-10-20 18:01
Enjoy travel with your kids
It appears to me that travel is an essential part of the every day life in western countries. Every time when you go out, you will come across with so many families with their little family members on the way. Normally the mother pushes a baby stroller, with a small baby lying in the carrycot or sitting in the push-chair, looking around curiously. Several bags, big or small, with all the necessities are hanging on the handle bar of the stroller. And the father often carries the elder tod ...
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Share Civilized travel: the Panda's foreign journey
2014-10-6 19:06
Civilized travel: the Panda's foreign journey
The CCTV4 channel is essential to the life of overseas Chinese. As to me, the news programmes, the cultural series ' Homeland, Dreamland' , and the public advertisements are my favourite ones. The very recent noncommercial MV broadcasted on CCTV4 impressed me a lot, and I believe it will help change the unpleasant habits in people’s life. The MV creates an anthropomorphic image of panda, telling us the story during its foreign journey. It shows us all sorts of its uncivil ...
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Share Does bilingual baby talk later?
2014-7-31 05:01
I’m now concerned whether Nicole has a speech delay problem or she just has a temporary constitutional speech delay and will turns out to be a late bloomer. She is in her twenty-five months and has mastered a vocabulary of around 60 words (mainly Chinese), but no combination of two words together, which shows a little bit delay in the speech development. But this standard, I mean the combination of two words, is according to the statistics study of monolingual babies and toddlers. I don ...
Personal category: Growing with my daughter|2067 views|8 comments Popularity 6
Share Taming tantrums of the terrible twos
2014-7-7 01:00
I often hear of the ‘terrible twos’, but only realize how tough it is when it really came to me; thus the occasional little ‘bad tempers’ Nicole showed to me in her earlier second year turns out to be cute and sweet ones in my memory. Nevertheless, I struggled to try my best not to blame her for her tantrums when they happen, although I failed to lose my control once or twice. Dictionaries define a tantrum simply as ‘a fit of bad temper’. We adults also have bad ...
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Share Bao-chai – Heartless but Charming
2014-6-25 03:13
As two lines of the verse described,“One was a pattern of female virtue, one a wit who made other wits seem low ”. If Dai-yu was a genius literary girl whose life was full of books and poems, then Bao-chai was a typical well-bred and decorous girl of that era. She was cultivated and educated to be selected for the glorious promotion to the Imperial Palace since she was a little girl. When she grew up to a young lady, she became a perfect example with traditiona ...
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Share Overseas online shopping, can we trust it?
2014-4-19 03:38
When opening various E-commerce websites, we may notice that the platform of overseas online shopping has been favored by a vast number of domestic buyers in China for its special pattern. Its popularity and success attribute to three factors essentially: authenticity, competitive price and convenience. However, a profound investigation conducted by reporters from “Shanghai IT Times" found that there have emerged a growing number of business cheatings in the industry, and such claimed ...
Personal category: life abroad|3276 views|5 comments Popularity 3
Share Try to understand Lin Dai-yu and her love
2014-4-8 22:45
Among the many female characters created in the novel The Story of the Stone, Lin Dai-yu has been my most favorite one. When mentioning her, people would always like to compare her with another character, Xue Bao-chai, and conclude that Dai-yu is so proud and unapproachable, unlike Bao-chai, who is lovely, easygoing and generous. But I do not think so. Xue Bao-chai is sophisticated indeed, but you will find the coldness buried deep in the heart below her warm appearence after reading th ...
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Share Make reading a habit
2014-3-23 12:59
My husband told me days ago that it was getting more and more difficult for him to focus, especially when listening to others, of whose speech more than 90% of the information would escape. And he wondered if it was because of aging or not. Then I asked him would he like to have a listen to me, because I held a different opinion on it. His work is tightly related to data mining and programming, so his brain is intense all day long. While after work, his attention seems ...
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