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Share A blissful spring
2015-3-13 04:38
The spring comes. In the evenings when the weather is nice, you can enjoy a beautiful scene of starry sky. This Sunday we went to a friend's party and came back a little bit late. When we got off the bus it was almost dark. The nice thing was that it was a lovely sunny day and it was still warm in the evening. The sky was clear, dark blue. The stars were twinkling like diamonds. It looked so beautiful that Nicole pointed at the sky and told us 'Star! Xingxing!' Then we introduced more kn ...
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Share Happy Chinese New Year!
2015-2-27 19:29
Here we don’t have a special public holiday for Chinese New Year, but it’s acceptable asking for several days leave from the University. On the early morning of New Year’s Eve, I woke up finding that my WeChat message board and moment were overwhelmed with kinds of new year wishes: good fortune, happiness, wealth, health, and longevity, etc. . The New Year is on the way! When I was busy in replying messages from relatives and friends, my husband couldn’t stop la ...
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Share Which one to choose, paracetamol or ibuprofen?
2015-2-13 04:52
Which one to choose, paracetamol or ibuprofen?
Nicole has suffered from two times of consecutive flu virus infection since the beginning of this February. Therefore she has been stayed with me and didn’t go to her daycare. The first time infection resulted in a series of symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, a mild fever in the daytime, and a higher body temperature at night. All these signs showed to me that she was having a gastric flu and I simply gave her relevant medical care at home. She was given Perentero ...
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Share The clinical progress of targeted therapy of metastatic breast cancer
2015-1-27 06:21
Recently ‘breast cancer’ has arisen as a hot topic around. The popular singer Yao Beina, and the famous actress Chen Xiaoxu, who played the role of Daiyu in the famous drama ‘the Dream of the Red Mansion’, are both victims of the terrible disease. Cancer actually is a leading cause of death worldwide, and according to WHO, there are 521,000 deaths caused by breast cancer in the year 2012. Breast cancer is among the notorious top 5 killers, besides there are lung cancer, liver can ...
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Share What scar do you have?
2015-1-8 21:40
What scar do you have?
If you are asked about the question what scar do you have, you would be probably reminded of some really dumb story behind it. When I was in grade two I poked my hand with a pencil to see how sharp it was, and then I had a small black mark in my left hand. It has faded over the years. But there is still a light grey mark I'm afraid. Nicole also got a bloody lesson of playing with a pencil sharpener yesterday. I’m afraid there would be a scar on her forefinger tip, in her left hand. ...
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Share How to survive a nuclear detonation?
2015-1-2 05:02
How to survive a nuclear detonation?
Recently theprestigiousjournal Science released somefavorite science news stories of the year 2014, and the study “ Determining optimal fallout shelter times following a nuclear detonation ” is one of the most popular articles by readers. Let's imagine the scene:It begins with a flash brighter than the sun.You luckily survive theshock wavefrom initial blast. But the deadly radioactive fallout is on its way.&nb ...
Personal category: science digests|1927 views|0 comments Popularity 5
Share Arguments on toddlers’ crotchless pants
2014-12-20 03:06
Arguments on toddlers’ crotchless pants
A pair of crotchless pants that have a split in the crotch for Chinese toddlers has become a contentious issue in the United States since last month. It was reported that some onlookers in Monterey Park, California seeing the boy with his little butts exposed were so shocked and an American woman reported the run-in to the local police. When police arrived and learned that the pants are mainly to enable the kid to do his business easier and faster, the police couldn’t just believe what ...
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Share A good supply of sponges
2014-12-14 19:11
A good supply of sponges
We housewives of the neighbourhood often gather together, and talk about the little kids playing around. The recent concern of us is constant spilling of kids, like Giovanna’s complaint the other day, “ lately my girl has decided it as a great fun to spill her drinks intentionally. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. ” Her girl is only one month older than ours, and I’m now also headache about the similar experiments by Nicole. As I’ve noticed, there a ...
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Share My life with blog in 2014
2014-12-8 23:34
My life with blog in 2014
I've been thinking about writing an article to summarize my life in the passing year 2014 and I saw the topic popping out yesterday. What a wonderful coincidence! I've been a forum member of China Daily for years but only started my blogging since last December, which was actually advised by my husband. I spent about twenty-five years in school, as a student and as a research officer later on. I have little knowledge of jobs from other industries. But if you were ...
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Share Nicole’s adaptation to a new daycare
2014-11-25 23:35
Nicole’s adaptation to a new daycare
My hubby has recently invited me for discussions several times. It seems to him that he has been ignored somehow by me for a long time. And as a mom as well as a wife and a used-to-be research partner of him, I was suggested have a careful review of our current living state. He wished that I could make some change to re-balance the condition. This man always makes complaints in his typical humorous way. Maybe it’s time for me to think about returning to w ...
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