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Share A Recall: My Life in 2016
Judy_Zhu 2016-12-16 09:52
The year 2016 marks my second year farewell to full-time motherhood and back to the people. It’s a year discussing with my colleagues with great concerns about the big events worldwide: France terrorist attacks, Brexit, and Trump etc. . It's a year dealing with interesting projects, and exciting publications; and it's a year with Nicole every day as the past years. Particularly, as a typical family with both parents doing scientific research and making a life on academy, this year fo ...
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Share To Commemorate Mr. Yin, my secondary school teacher
Judy_Zhu 2016-9-2 23:44
To Commemorate Mr. Yin, my secondary school teacher
Yesterday afternoon I received a message from my younger sister, telling me that the family's neighbor and best friend, as well as my teacher before, died in a car accident. The moment I felt like I had a heart attack and a stroke, so painful. Later when I calmed down a little bit, I called my mum, only to confirm the sad news. But still I felt that it was so hard to accept it. It was the first day of the new semester. And he is a teacher, such a good person, and still at a young age of ...
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Share My Gaokao Essay
Judy_Zhu 2016-6-9 22:48
My Gaokao Essay
My wechat moment has been flooded with all kinds of funny scripts on the topic of the college admission essay of Guangdong province since the first day of Gaokao on 7th June. Examinees were asked to make a composition according to a cartoon-- pupil X won a kiss when he got a score of 100 in one exam, and pupil Y was punished by a slap on the face with a score of 55; and in the second exam, poor X got a slap on the face because he scored 98, while Y won a kiss because he achieved a score ...
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Share A kind of attitude to life
Judy_Zhu 2016-2-20 06:38
A kind of attitude to life
I came to know one of my classmates in the first German course of this new semester. Her name is Paola, and if I’m not mistaken, she came to our previous class two months ago in the halfway during last semester. However, it was only by then (days ago) I’m getting to know more about her. There are always people coming and going in this kind of language class. So the topic in the first lesson for this semester is to not only make a self-introduction, but also an introduction of someone yo ...
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Share The rich internal world of a toddler
Judy_Zhu 2016-1-21 23:19
The rich internal world of a toddler
One can never imagine how big and complicated the internal world of a three-year-old child is. Yesterday afternoon I went to pick up Nicole from her daycare center. These days I have tried to be there a little bit earlier than before because of the jet lag after a long flight in this new year season. Her teacher, Sandra, asked her help with the tidying up first. Then Nicole went for toilet and hands washing. After all these being done, Sandra took her to me hand by hand, and ...
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Share Nicole’s Philosophy
Judy_Zhu 2015-11-11 03:59
Nicole’s Philosophy
One time when we were watching her favorite cartoon series of the ‘smart tiger’ on my iPad (maybe actually hers in the little mind), the screen suddenly became black because of running out of battery. Then she turned to me, ‘Mama?’ I told her her that the device was out of battery and need to be recharged soon (I was so happy at this indeed). And I further suggested that maybe we could do something else like building castles etc.. Obviously she was unsatisfying at my re ...
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Share Your kids will show you what creativity is
Judy_Zhu 2015-9-24 19:07
When watching Nicole playing her favorite colorful cartoon zoo animals board puzzles, I suddenly got shocked by a fact: I’m already a person without too much creativity, while I tried to influence her from all aspects in our life via my way of thinking. It’s a terrible finding to me, but how fortunate I am that I realized it-- better late than never. Yesterday it was a mid-week break for both of us, no school and no work, though it was not a nice day, windy and cloudy. As her b ...
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Share The aspects about Switzerland which you don’t know (Part I)
Judy_Zhu 2015-7-16 17:10
The aspects about Switzerland which you don’t know (Part I)
Switzerland is well-known all over the world for it has not been in a state of war internationally since 1815. Nevertheless, it pursues an active foreign policy and is frequently involved in peace-building processes around the world. And Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland, is the home to the Red Cross as well as the second largest UN office. When talking about the country, people usually think about its brands of luxurious watches such as OMEGA an ...
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Share Let’s Endeavor for a Clean Future
Judy_Zhu 2015-7-5 19:47
Let’s Endeavor for a Clean Future
Let’s endeavor for a Clean Future --to support Solar Impulse II Dear friends, you must have noticed the news yesterday that Solar Impulse II, the aeroplane that is powered only by the sun, has landed in Hawaii after making a historic 118 hours flight in the air, flying across the Pacific ocean from Japan. This zero fuel solar-powered aircraft was born in Switzerland. It looks just like a super cute giant dragonfly. Before the non-stop fli ...
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Share My Opinions on Patriotism
Judy_Zhu 2015-6-7 21:21
This piece of article originates from a fierce debate (which was evolved into a quarrel I’d say) among our forum members (Chinese and foreign friends inclusive) last Friday. And after the debate, one foreign friend studying in China sighed " I could not ever understand national pride, because to me, pride should be reserved for something you achieve or attain on yourself, not somethinhg that happens by accident at birth. ” Thus comes my opinion. I un ...
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